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very professionaly run with very good teachers  who are very god at tailoring individual courses to each student`s needs. have tried two other schools in Cairo.and this is definitely the best

Micheal Lund

Studying at Arabeya

Subject: I had one of the greatest experience studying at Arabeya School.First of all, the staff from the institute was really concerned about my stay here and if everything is alright with the accomodation. If I needed anything I just had to speak with the secretary and she would help me immediately.The teacher here are amazing.They are very professional and organized and they make you take your work seriously.What I loved the most was that they took my suggestions in consideration concerning the classes and they understood what I needed to learn.They also make the classes really interesting and work with you in order to improve all the skills you need in arabic.The amount of work is a lot, but if you are really dedicated, you can improve you arabic a lot by following their programs.I personally hope that I will be able to come back and benefit from the courses that the school offers.



We loved our time here, it didnt feel like having to go to school but spending time with good friends. The school is more like a small family including teachers and students, so a great atmosphere to study and spend time in Egypt.

Lilian Haege

For Arabeya

the services provided by the school are excellent. However the school should try to arrange for the students tours in Egypt, even if it is a certain fee. The school should also have books available for students to purchase, especially for Egyptian colloquial Arabic.

I feel that the school is brilliant and the manner in which teachers are selected is excellent. I would definitely refer to other people to come to this special school to learn Arabic. The atmosphere in the school is definitely welcoming and it allows students to remain eager in wanting to learn more.

Naasik Ahamed Mohamed
South Africa

Arabeya School

You suported me well.

kozue kita


Arabeya is a great school with good and flexible teachers who adjust to the needs of the students.


A really rewarding experience

My time at Arabeyya was really helpful and enjoyable.  Everyone at the school is really helpful and happy to fit lessons around your schedule, or help with anything else you need.  The teachers are very professional and are always willing to tailor lessons to your own needs and preferences.  They will always ask your opinion on ways the lessons can be improved.  The school is also great value for money too!


Samuel Rutter

Kathleen Krisher

I highly recommend this program for anyone interest in learning Arabic.  The setting is immersive and the teachers are passionate.  Most of the classes are either one on one for with just one or two other students, so you get personalized attention. The housing is also great so for anyone looking to live in Egypt while studying to get a real feel for the culture, this program is the way to go.

Kathleen Krisher
United States

Arabeya testimonal Thomas Abma

My three weeks here have been great! I've worked with different teachers with each their different teaching styles which helped to get a good idea about what works best for me. The staff was friendly and questions about Cairo could always be asked.

Thomas Abma
The Netherlands

A real joy to learn Arabic with Arabeya!

From knowing absolutely nothing of the language, after a few lessons I had learnt the alphabet and was able to make conversation. The high level of energy and patience of my teacher provided a very supportive learning environment and I would recommend the school to anyone!


Muriel Lecomte

The school was recommended by one of my friends and I must say it was a good recommendation. It allowed me to learn more about language and the culture. All the material I was given is usable in the future if I want to work by myself when I go back home and this is very useful. The structure is very organized and welcoming. It easily adapts to our needs. I have a very professional attitude in general.

Muriel Lecomte

Christine Mollet

I can recommend Arabeya Assosiation to any student the school is very professional and well-run. The staff is helpful and friendly installation modern convenient and  the teachers  excellent .  

Thanks to all of you at Arabeya . I had a fantastic time.

Christine Mollet

4 week course

I attended a 4 week course and it was very good. The first two weeks were a 1 on 1 course which was very nice because we were able to work on specific areas such reading comprehension and vocabulary (both of which are my weak points). I've spent the last two weeks with another student and I especially enjoyed the conversations and working with media such as songs,poems and even short films.

The language institute is just a short walk away from the appartment. The area is very friendly not far away from the center. Overall I was very pleased with my stay. 


testimonial (opinion about school)

I strongly recommend this school. It\s inexepensive, flexible, has good teachers and is well located. It's my forth visit to the school and I\ll definetly come back again.

Erik Sundblad

testimonial (opinion about school)


Joanna Narkiewicz

The Best School

For me was not the first time in an Arabic country but I am sure I will remember the time I spent here in the school, in particular all the people. This school has very good teachers, very prepared and it was a very helpful experience for me.



I liked the place a lot. The people were very nice and the teachers very good. I had a lot of fun here, and they did what they could to make my schedule suitable for me.




I am very happy that i chose to attend Arabeya school. With regard to Arabic, I can honestly say that I feel more confident now when I use this language. The courses really helped me to improve my skills. The atmosphere inside the school is very welcoming and the staff is very friendly which gave me a lot of energy and made me to enjoy coming to school every morning. The Arabeya collective is very organised and that is what made me feel very comfortable. The fact that we could call Arabeya and discuss about every problem we had outside the school made me feel very comfortable and secure also.
Thank you very much, you do a great job here. This was a great experience for me.
Gii Denisa Claudia


I really loved our time here at arabeya school. The atmosphere is so great and all the teachers and the staff is amazingly friendly and so helpful.

kaja Kuthy

Arabeya School

I just studied in the Arabeya language school for one month, but I really appreciate the head of the school, Mr. Hamid, and all teachers, and stuffs. Though I did not have enough time to study, but Ms. Maryam managed my schedule kindly. Ms. Marwa explained the Arabic  colloquial system systematically. So her explanation is so helpful for me to understand Anmiyyah. Ms. Ghada prepared for the study of reading with me in Fusha class. I asked her to read difficult classical texts including Hadith and Qur'an, but she explained it. I really thank their efforts and excellent explanation.

Makoto Sawai

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