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Great experience!

I have been at Arabeya for three weeks to study ECA, and enjoyed it very much. Thanks to individual lessons with a great teacher I feel I have made great progress in the language. I also enjoyed the "family-like" atmosphere in the school (for example there was always someone in the kitchen to prepare you a tea). And my student accommodation was well-equipped and only a three-minute walk away from the school. So I can just recommend Arabeya to anyone wishing to successfully study the Arabic language!

Max G.

My Testimonial

I've had a wonderful experience at Arabeya. The list of superlatives is endless, and at the risk of sounding like an Arabeya marketing agent, I'll keep it short. This experience has transformed my approach to language acquisition. In two short weeks, I have been exposed to an incredibly broad range of new lexis, and finally got my head around many of the grammar rules I was struggling with. I feel my conversational skills have jumped up a level and so to my confidence. 

I met many interesting people who, like me, are on this journey to learn Arabic. I have had the privilege of studying with three excellent teachers. Cairo is quite simply an enchanting city, which if you haven't visited, you really should. 

My only regret is not coming here when I first decided it was probably best that I register for an intensive language course somewhere in the Middle East (which was back in 2009). 

Samatar Elmi

Arabeya makes learning fun and almost painless

I am very pleased with Arabeya.  Staff and teachers very friendly and professional.  Was able to have a flexible schedule.  Enjoyed the one-on-one training suited to my needs and interest.  I feel I progressed quickly and it was fun at the same time!


A school to recommend

After searching about a suitable school to study arabic with, i am very happy I found Arabeya. The school has a very comfortable and calm environment to study in and everyone is very friendly and helpful. My teachers were excellent and prepared their classes flexible according to my wishes and requirements. Grammar is dealt very detailed so you learn it good and the practise is often in a playful way to keep the fun in the lesson. In the four weeks I spent in the school i learnt fast and a lot. I can recommend this school definitely and i think about rejoing it again for more courses.

Vanessa Salib

Thanks Arabeya!

Thanks to all the staff at Arabeya school! It was great to study here. I learned a lot in just a short time. And the teaching was fantastic. Ila liqaa'!

Alex Falconer


I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks studying Egyptian Arabic at Arabeya. The teachers are very professional and make the lessons enjoyable. I found that one to one classes helped me to progress quickly and suited my needs best. The school was also very flexible in arranging the class timings and I found the staff to be very helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone wishing to learn Arabic.

Katy Mohammed


School overall has been helpful in providing proper accommodations and fulfilling requests especially with Air Conditioning and Water problems. My only concern was the stolen money which was quickly addressed by management. Miss Mariam has been great in keeping up with my schedule conflicts. I feel that her professionalism has made me feel confident that everything would start on time. The office lady Miss Hala has been like a mother to me always checking up as well as bringing my food. Her personality has greatly impacted my experience here in Egypt as I looked at her as a second mother.  Mister Hameed has been patient in keeping up with my schedule conflicts as well as responding promptly to my emails.

erik morata

great courses

I was taking classes with only one other student and I had four hours of ECA a day, which meant that there was a lot to learn everyday. The teachers helped me to deal with the workload and they provided different types of learning material, such as films, conversation tasks, grammar sheets etc. The school has a very cozy atmosphere and there is constantly coffee and tea being served. The location of the school is perfect, because you can take any of the metro lines and it is only a two-minutes-walk from Sadat station.



arabeya offers a one to one opportunity for students to learn and improve their Arabic at an appropriate pace in a comfortable environment. they are continuously developing their faculty to improve themselves for their students. 

Amalia Alonzo

Nice experience

This was an interesting and nice new experience for language studies in a foreign country. I had never done before and I recommend this for every Arabic student.


Olaf Pape


Great teachers and very friendly staff.  I will be back.


Bing Shao:

Arabeya is a really great place to start learning Arabic. The teachers are all very supportive and helpful. The classroom size is small and we get individual attention. There is a lot of interest cultural excursions like going out for breakfast. I really learned a lot

Bing Shao:

Arab - or how i became a chair

When I first visited arabeya it felt like being accepted as a family member! And since then I've always enjoyed coming back to the school, even if I wouldn't have class - just to see the people again. There was always a helping hand and always a smile when arabic seemed to hard to master. So when it was one of those days again, when nothing worked, when I couldn't remember any of my vocab or grammar we would simply conclude "ana kursi annaharda" - "I am a chair today". So even on the hardest days there was no feeling of giving up or quitting arabic at all, but only a even funnier day! Which motivated me even more in becoming better in arabic. But also beside the lessons and school I had great time together with my teachers, who where always up for any activities outside the school. So arabeya is not only a great place for learning the language but as well to meet new friends and get a helping hand for the sometimes tough life in cairo downton.


Ioana Paunescu:

I loved taking Arabic at the Arabeya Institute. Aya is an excellent, patient professor and teaches Arabic effectively.
This has been a wonderful experience.
Shukran Aya!!!

Ioana Paunescu:

Very Motivating

I really enjoyed taking classes (private lessons ECA and MSA) in this school. Before I had studied MSA in University but faced the difficulty of communicating and expressing myself well. After 45h in ECA and some refreshment in MSA I feel much more comfortable in speaking and understanding. For all students of Arabic language I can only encourage you taking lessons here because this is really helpful (especially after the discovery that MSA doesn't help a lot if travelling throughout Arabic countries). And it is very motivating studying here and improvements in speaking arabic can be achieved quickly.



Arabeya Association is the best school ever


Thank you!

My 20 hours intensive lessons in ECA have finally helped to 'switch' from MSA to ECA - thanks to all the Arabeya staff I've had one of my 'lifetime experiences' during this week and thanks to the well organized and structured lessons I've learnt the most within shortest time. Thank you Hasnaa - thank you Hager!

I've been living in Egypt for years now. For me it was such a pleasure and great experience to see that there is such an ambitious, hard-working, well-educated, professional and diligent young generation of Egyptians! My deepest respect!

I'll be back - insh'Allah....

Carmen (MandilSmile)

Carmen Schweizer

you are always accomdate

you are
always accomdate my needs and requests no matter how short notice of
my trip, thank you so much for your understanding and services, I will
come back to study in the near future, Inshalla! hinako
My teacher is highly educated and with good character,
always made me at ease and the way she teachs which suggests me how to
study the language.
Hinako walter

Angelique Petropouleas:

This was a great experience. I did not imagine I could learn so much in such a short time. Thank you!

Angelique Petropouleas:

Opinion of the school

Dear people, 

to be in this school was a pleasure and i would like to come again for my next class. 



Camillo Vogt 


Camillo Vogt

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