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testimonial (opinion about school)

I strongly recommend this school. It\s inexepensive, flexible, has good teachers and is well located. It's my forth visit to the school and I\ll definetly come back again.

Erik Sundblad

testimonial (opinion about school)


Joanna Narkiewicz

The Best School

For me was not the first time in an Arabic country but I am sure I will remember the time I spent here in the school, in particular all the people. This school has very good teachers, very prepared and it was a very helpful experience for me.



I liked the place a lot. The people were very nice and the teachers very good. I had a lot of fun here, and they did what they could to make my schedule suitable for me.




I am very happy that i chose to attend Arabeya school. With regard to Arabic, I can honestly say that I feel more confident now when I use this language. The courses really helped me to improve my skills. The atmosphere inside the school is very welcoming and the staff is very friendly which gave me a lot of energy and made me to enjoy coming to school every morning. The Arabeya collective is very organised and that is what made me feel very comfortable. The fact that we could call Arabeya and discuss about every problem we had outside the school made me feel very comfortable and secure also.
Thank you very much, you do a great job here. This was a great experience for me.
Gii Denisa Claudia


I really loved our time here at arabeya school. The atmosphere is so great and all the teachers and the staff is amazingly friendly and so helpful.

kaja Kuthy

Arabeya School

I just studied in the Arabeya language school for one month, but I really appreciate the head of the school, Mr. Hamid, and all teachers, and stuffs. Though I did not have enough time to study, but Ms. Maryam managed my schedule kindly. Ms. Marwa explained the Arabic  colloquial system systematically. So her explanation is so helpful for me to understand Anmiyyah. Ms. Ghada prepared for the study of reading with me in Fusha class. I asked her to read difficult classical texts including Hadith and Qur'an, but she explained it. I really thank their efforts and excellent explanation.

Makoto Sawai

For Arabeya

the services provided by the school are excellent. However the school should try to arrange for the students tours in Egypt, even if it is a certain fee. The school should also have books available for students to purchase, especially for Egyptian colloquial Arabic.

I feel that the school is brilliant and the manner in which teachers are selected is excellent. I would definitely refer to other people to come to this special school to learn Arabic. The atmosphere in the school is definitely welcoming and it allows students to remain eager in wanting to learn more.

Naasik Ahamed Mohamed
South Africa

Thanks Arabeya

he school is very well located, provides in good teachers and good facilities (always water, tea, coffee).

I expected to meet more students in the school that would have been nice. I heard that there was also another branch of the school. Maybe it is an idea for the future to organize a moment where the students of the schools can meet each other in order to group and go out with each other.


Overall I had a great time and I was very happy with Arabeya! I will definitely consider coming the next year.

Jochem Andriessen

Arabeya School

I found the facilities to be clean and organized. I have greatly benefited from my time here. I appreciate their flexibility and willingness to work on an individual level.


Arabeya School

It was a very good experience. The school was really nice especially the teachers It is a very friendly and family like atmosphere. I learned a lot for my studies and will recommend the program to other people who want to learn i a very good atmosphere and pace.

Rosalie Niehaus


I have really enjoyed my time at the school, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to come here. i came without knowing any dialect, although I had studied some fusha at university before. Everyone here is so friendly, warm and welcoming. And the atmosphere at the school is great for learning. Everything we did in class was really practical and useful and I could go out and practice straight away, and the teachers were really helpful and patient. I really hope to come back soon and see everyone again.


Nice experience

I had a very good time studying both Classical and Colloquial Arabic at Arabeya. The school delivered what it had promised and the teachers I had were very positive and helpful.


Thank you!

I had an amazing time at Arabeya. The school provides a excellent learning environment, encouraging and motivating students to practice their spoken Arabic. The teachers are very forthcoming, and easy to talk to.

Wiebe Ruijtenberg
The Netherlands

Remy duveruey

It was a great experience and learned many things. The school is well located and stuff is very friendly. The structures of the course are well setup and many subjects are teached .

Remy duveruey


I have profited a lot from Arabeya online lessons  and I warmely recommend them. An Arabeyya online course is the perfect choice to start, mantain or brush up your Arabic if you have little time and cannot travel to an Arab country. Being a university professor myself I know something about teaching and learning and I am enthusiastic about the competence, flexibility and friendliness of Arabeyya teachers and staff.

Laura Guazzone

A short course worthwhile

I spent around 1 month and a half studying at Arabeya but wish I would have been able to stay longer. The flexible system allows for tailored schedules according to the wishes and needs of the students. The teachers seem experienced and mine was able not only to teach me  the basics of ECA but also introduce me to the Egyptian culture. I will do my best to return to Arabeya in the future and I recommend the school to anyone who is interested in learning ECA.



We spent a great time here in school. The teachers are very helpful and nice. We want to come back as soon as it is possible.

Aleksandra and Klaudia

my opinion

I have been studying at the school in Cairo for a year, and I would have to say it has been a positive influence on my Arabic fluency to say the least.

I came here only knowing Modern Standard Arabic, and even then my comprehension of it was average at best. Now however I would say that I am very comfortable in both written and spoken Arabic, whether in Modern Standard or in Egyptian colloquial.

The one thing which I think stands out about the school is the class structure. Most students have classes one-on-one in a semi-formal atmosphere, which means you get to learn how people speak normally to each other, rather than learning to speak some really stilted artificial version of how people really speak. You also gain a real insight into Egyptian life and culture as a result.

It is too difficult to jot down just how beneficial my time here has been here, but I can safely say that I have no regrets and would definitely recommend the school to those who are looking for a language school in Cairo

Jarryd Calcinai

Arabic Language

The school is wonderful. Everybody is very friendly and good. 

ُElvira Isenring

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