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fun school

The school is very welcoming and all the teachers try to communicate with you in Arabic and help you improve. They prepare the materials for you according to your level. In a group lesson, it is a little bit problematic if students have a different level of Arabic, so in the future I hope they can divide people more appropriately into groups. The accommodation is very close to the school and there are a lot of shops. It is a little bit run down but I would say it is acceptable. 

Kei Kato

Klemens Pehsl

My time at the
school and in Cairo was short but intensive and I liked it a lot, so I
really hope to come back in the future.
European students might get a cultural shock if they come to this area
in Cairo, but I guess by leaving ones comfort zone one learns most and
the school was an absolutely welcoming place where the student can
relax from any cultural shocks +smile+
The students accommodation was not the best but just fitted in the
area and I liked it a lot. All in all it was amazing and interesting,
I learned a lot and recommend it to everyone who is open to learn
about Cairo or the Arab world and culture.
Klemens Pehsl

Everything great

Another great month at Arabeya! After just a few weeks I am now comfortable speaking Arabic on the streets :)

David Milne

Beth Hoadley

 Was a student at Arabeya Language School (Tahrir Square Location) in May 2011. From my first email interaction with Hameed to my final day of classes with Hasnaa and Amira everything was positive. All communications were prompt and accurate. Scheduling was extremely flexible- thank you Walaa. Classes were fun and I learned so much! I'll be back for more for sure. 

Beth Hoadley

Awesome experience


I recommend to do the online classes by skype in egyptian dialect as it is an awesome experience to learn quickly the dialect. There is a lot of conversation and it is an easy way to learn new vocabulary quickly.

One hour per weke has allowed me to improve significantly


Arabeya Course

When I first arrived I wasn't used to speak in arabic I was quite prepared in grammar but not in practical issues , Now I can talk with people in the street and I understand much more of media like radio and tv.

Teachers are very kind and patient. They know how to work despite their young age. They are all prepared.

Even if Tahrir branch doesn't have a lot of students like Mohandseen branch the feeling I had coming here was always the best.

I am very satisfied with thus experience.

Ingrid Ganthaler

testimonial (opinion about school)

Shool is very friendly and I very enjoyed spending time here. Its not only place for developing arabic, but also nice place for conversations and fun. I very liked the fact, that all workers here are women, what makes you feel like home. Level of education is high and is adequate for individual needs of every student.

Katarzyna Bania

My experiences from Al Arabeya

I have studied at several language centers but I have never been as satisfied with any school as I have been at Al Arabeya - the teachers and staff is very professional, competent, well-focused and at the same time extremely friendly. I really felt that my teacher could tell what I needed to focus on, did not waste any time, had good pedagogical techniques and created an encouraging learning atmosphere.


testimonial (opinion about school)

I've been to three different language institutes in Egypt and this is the best, I've tried. The teachers were excellent, the school is very professionally run and on top of that there is a very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Michael Lund

Very good

It is a grate place to learn arabic language. All the teachers and staff are always open to help you with everything. Don't be afraid to come by your self here, because they will treat you like a family.



My opinion

This is the third time that I have come to this school to revise and improve my arabic. As always it has been a great experience within a friendly environment. I hope to be back soon quickly...




The school is a nice place to study Arabic. The accomodation is close to the school and both the accommodation and the school are quite close to downtown, Zamalek and Islamic Cairo. The teachers try to design the classes according to the student's request and if the student wants to change something it is possible to make changes. Teachers and personnel are always very friendly and you feel very welcome.

lena hapke


This school is perfect!!

kozo ono


The school itself is very good. I was very happy with its flexibility when rearranging my class hours. It is also very nice environment to work in. I would be happy to study here again.


Adam Rickman

For Arabeya

I had been planning to study Arabic in Syria, but due to political strike there I had to change my plans at the last minute.

Accordingly, I arrived in Cairo with no knowledge of the language classes available. Quite by accident I came across the Arabic school what a find! From the moment I walked in, I was warmly welcomed unlike some of the other schools and institutions (eg AUC), which seemed impersonal. The staff is courteous and friendly, and did an excellent job of finding lesson time to suit me.

I decided to try "العامية", thinking that I probably would not stay in Cairo for more than a week or two- never expecting such a wonderful programmed. After my first lesson, I resolved t spend the full two months of my holiday here in Cairo, and have nor regretted thing for one moment, despite the chaos and hear of thing huge city. 


Beverley Cactek

I really like the school.

I really like the school. All teachers I have had were awesome and i
loved them all for their humour. It does not take long to feel very
comfortaلاle and welcome here. Everyلاody is friendly and polite
all the time, especially the women who are usually in the kitchen seem
to have a lot of fun with the students and i am pretty sure that no
one could ever not like them. Also the receptionists are very helpful
and kind. You have well educated staff and it is a لاig advantage
for every student to have a لاeautiful garden like yours to change
some thoughts with other students and as well to chat with the
teachers. Even though the school is very expensive (I hope your
teachers get at least well paid!), I guess it was worth it. I improved
my araلاic a lot.

Samirah Mohamed

Arabeya has an excellent location and a very kind staff

Great place, great people. Arabeya is an excellent place to learn Arabic.

Daniel Brouns

Muriel Lecomte

The school was recommended by one of my friends and I must say it was a good recommendation. It allowed me to learn more about language and the culture. All the material I was given is usable in the future if I want to work by myself when I go back home and this is very useful. The structure is very organized and welcoming. It easily adapts to our needs. I have a very professional attitude in general.

Muriel Lecomte

Christine Mollet

I can recommend Arabeya Assosiation to any student the school is very professional and well-run. The staff is helpful and friendly installation modern convenient and  the teachers  excellent .  

Thanks to all of you at Arabeya . I had a fantastic time.

Christine Mollet

4 week course

I attended a 4 week course and it was very good. The first two weeks were a 1 on 1 course which was very nice because we were able to work on specific areas such reading comprehension and vocabulary (both of which are my weak points). I've spent the last two weeks with another student and I especially enjoyed the conversations and working with media such as songs,poems and even short films.

The language institute is just a short walk away from the appartment. The area is very friendly not far away from the center. Overall I was very pleased with my stay. 


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