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The school is very flexible and considers your wishes. there is a good atmosphere at the school, people are very friendly and welcoming.

Kathrin Buehler

Good school

Very nice teacher and people around
The place could be difficult to locate without preparation

It has been exactly what I wanted,this way of learning that we chose together with the teacher .We did not last any time.

Teacher very patient.
I thanks her for that.


very organized and work professionally

I have been very pleased to attend classes at Arabeya in Muhandiseen. The staff are always smiling, welcoming and eager to help out. It is a lovely place to be and they are very organized and work professionally!

Cecilie Noer


Recomendamos Arabeya School por su profesionalidad y su flexibilidad ante nuestras peticiones. El alojamiento es fenomenal

We are very happy about Arabeya

brian kekeiser

I am very glad to be a student at a school which takes one –on-one class seriously. these sorts as lessons can be  too casual sometimes , but Arabeya treats them as a valuable  of language instruction . the price is also a mere reasonable than any school I have seen . I am very grateful to be  a student here.

brian kekeiser

Arabeya School

I was in general very satisfied with the school. The rooms were  all very clean and for Cairo the area was also really quiet. The stuff was very friendly and even provided you with coffee and tea. The lessons were very structured and the learning plan was very individual. The teacher I had had great expertise and leaded the class excellent. All in all I was really happy with my time here and can just suggest this school for other students!


Bastian Groeppmaier

Comfortable from your own home

Taking lessons online is a good option: from your own home, or from somewhere else, you can take the lessons at the time that suits you. The lessons are 50 mins and given by good, friendly teachers. As the lessons are one-to-one you can take extra time on the issues you don't understand. 

The Netherlands

Satisfied with everything

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my teacher, Ms.Rehab.

Before the class, I did not get used to the pronunciation and some specific rules of ECA.
However, Ms. Rehab always kindly tried to make my study enjoyable. I feel I was able to overcome some biggest weak points I had in ECA.

Ms. Rehab also helped me in the class of MSA. She always encouraged me to have a confidence and provided new, useful, and sophisticated expressions. Through the reading and discussion, I was able to not only to extend the comprehensive skills of MSA, but also deepen the understanding about Arabic culture.

In addition, I loved the warm atmosphere of this school.

I would like to thank all the teachers and staffs here.


Kuroda Ayaka

The school provided what I was looking for

Coming everyday for a month to learn this rather difficult language was a pleasure. I especially appreciated being in the small group (2 people) for the first 2 weeks, which I found was the best option to learn.

Laurent Claudel

The school has a strong team

I enjoyed my time at Arabeya a lot and will recommend it to my fellow Arabic students back home. The school has a strong team of professors and strives to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Long live Arabeya


james latta

Finally satisfied as the teachers are well-dispositive and extremely patient  as well as punctual. I like them personally and enjoy the lesson.

I would like to see more interactive lessons using different learning techniques brought in, I have had to bring some suggestions in myself which have seen accepted in success.  I do not like the book as it is annoying and confusing, it full of mistakes I would prefer different material.

Outside of the book and seeing are varied lessons. I am satisfied.

Oh, the instructors need to be stricter about their students speaking too much English. I do this too much; I need to get wheeled for it.

james latta

Wonderful school, would recommend to everyone.

I am sooo happy that I found this school. It was a lot better than expected and the teachers and accomodation were to a very high standard. The transfer from the airport was very reliable and I can't say a bad word about the school. I had a brilliant time and will be coming back. Thankyou veryyy much :)


good school!!

I arrived at Ezipt. and next day visited this school. Started at lesson in next day!!

very quick school start. Thank you arrange my schedule. Here is very good school!!

Shogo Takada

Very nice, welcoming and respectful people.

Thank you so much for these two weeks. I was able to improve quite fast while having a good time when I was in class. This experience surely gives reasons to continue learning arabic intensively and to come back to Egypt and Arabeya,

Come Richard


Studying Arabic in Egypt is a bless. Being immersed in the environment where Arabic is spoke allows for rapid improvement. The classes are relative structured and progresses at a convenient pace. I hope to make time from other obligations in future to study in Cairo with my instructors one more time.

Eric Ding
New York

Media Arabic - Translation

I did a five week course focusing on Media Arabic \ Translation English-Arabic, Arabic-English with Israa which left almost nothing to be desired: The teacher was very motivated and eager to meet my interests during the whole course, and was able to stay focused, friendly and energetic at all times. There were actually only two only  drawbacks, one was that we changed to English too often, but that was partly my fault, because I didn't insist, and partly a consequence of the subject, i.e. translation. The other problem I met with was that my teacher would change to Amiya when the discussion got animated (what I don't study or speak). Still, that are really minor points in comparison to the excellent teaching I enjoyed during my stay here.

Judith Gross

Study Here

A great school with brilliant teachers. 

Harry Shuckman

i want to come back to ARABEYA!!

كانت مدتي مدة قصيرة ولكنها مفيدة جدا جدا جدا

خصوصا دروس الأستاذة حسناء ممتعة ونافعة

قد علمتني قراءة القصص واستماعها

وأيضا أشارت إلى ما هي نقطي الضعيفة بشكل واضح

أريد أن أرجع إلى عربية مرة أخرى في الصيف القادم

وأن أدرس عند الأستاذة حسناء

Haruko Sakaedani

Nice place, a swimming pool would be perfect

Very nice experience, chokran jezilan

Gaspard le Roux

Learn Aabic

Fantastic flexibility and control over your course of study. A top match program with patient and helpful instructors. I can honestly recommend Arabeya to anyone looking to study both Fusha(MSA) and  3amiya (ECA) in Cairo!

Evan Delly

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