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Arabeya has an excellent location and a very kind staff

Great place, great people. Arabeya is an excellent place to learn Arabic.

Daniel Brouns

Jessica Kahler

in the last weeks I was able to learn a lot. Though there might be ways to make the teaching more efficient by giving it more structure and getting rid of the problem of loose papers . many institutions also include more games in their games in their teaching techniques in order to make it easier for students to remember vocab . the teachers are very friendly and helpful

Jessica Kahler

Brian Haggerty




Brian Haggerty



Very professional school and with friendly staff,

thank you. 

Susanne Schmid


This was my second both going too the school and staying in the accomodation in mohandeseen. Alone the fact that I came back should tell that I'm overall satisfied. Everybody workingh at the school is very kind and very helpful. The ones of the teacher I have expierence have been very competent and I have no major complaint about the education. The appartment I stayed in is very nice. Don't expect luxury, but It has what you need and was was clean when I arrived. Whenever something is out of order, staff is very quick to fix it if only you let them know. Mohandeseen it self is also a nice neighborhood. There not nearly as many tourist as downtown, which also means people teat you more as a regalur human being. I give this school my warmest recommendations, and I look forward to coming again to continue my arabic studies at the soonest possible chance.

Mads Fugl Bjerregaard

my arabic on line

I'm following the Arabic lessons online and I'm very satisfied. My teacher is attentive and always available, prompt and friendly. This allows me to practice the language from afar, from home: with a little baby that is perfect!

Francesca Forte


The school is organised and flexible. I would strongly recommend Arabeya school for all students that interest to learn Arabic.

Sergio Trefaut

Michal from Warsaw

I enjoyed every hour spent at the school. Not only I profited greatly in terms of language, but also I had a great time and lots of fun. In my opinion Arabeyya is worth every penny I have paid.

Michal Kuc

My experience here

I have studied here for three weeks with very good teachers and I already could feel the progress after this short time. The teachers here are open-minded and they know how to adapt to your needs and wishes . During the class I studied both oral and written and by doing so I have been able to improve my skills for various kinds of situations.



Really helpful, will definitely come back (I may need more help on dissertation work and my teacher helped me a lot with this)

Alastiar White
united Kingdom



I`m so glad to study arabic here.teachers are all ind and school good.I hope to study here again


nothing comes to my mind

everything is really good. thx alot

Eva Piechl

fun school

The school is very welcoming and all the teachers try to communicate with you in Arabic and help you improve. They prepare the materials for you according to your level. In a group lesson, it is a little bit problematic if students have a different level of Arabic, so in the future I hope they can divide people more appropriately into groups. The accommodation is very close to the school and there are a lot of shops. It is a little bit run down but I would say it is acceptable. 

Kei Kato

Klemens Pehsl

My time at the
school and in Cairo was short but intensive and I liked it a lot, so I
really hope to come back in the future.
European students might get a cultural shock if they come to this area
in Cairo, but I guess by leaving ones comfort zone one learns most and
the school was an absolutely welcoming place where the student can
relax from any cultural shocks +smile+
The students accommodation was not the best but just fitted in the
area and I liked it a lot. All in all it was amazing and interesting,
I learned a lot and recommend it to everyone who is open to learn
about Cairo or the Arab world and culture.
Klemens Pehsl

Everything great

Another great month at Arabeya! After just a few weeks I am now comfortable speaking Arabic on the streets :)

David Milne

Jane Sepstrup

This is a very good school I have been studying here twice and had two different teachers and both of them have a very high quality of teaching. I will definitely recommend this school to others.

Jane Sepstrup

Daniel Negless

I had a real experience over the last three months learning a lot of fus7a and having fun doing so…thanks for the experience . Great teacher fun experience I have learned a lot so fun looking forward to even more things best of luck in her future . during my 13 week’s study we went to Alazhar park and all of pats 2&3 great great experience

Daniel Negless

Khalid Karaz


I am globaly satisfied of all my linguistic trip in cairo. The school and teacher was good thanks Marwa for all you teach me duriong one eutire month. My accomodation was correct but expencive compare to the real estate in cairo.


I hope that come back as soon as I can and wish you succes for the future inchallah.


khalid karaz


خالد كراز


Khalid Karaz

Victors testemonial

El-Arabeyya is a great school which provides for a perfect language experience. The staff and teachers are very friendly, kind and helpful. I appreciated the homely atmosphere and familiarity of the place, as well as its fexibility. In particular, I appreciated the classes with Nour, who is one of the best Arabic teachers I've ever had. I will surely make good publicity for el-Arabeyya in Oxford.  

Victor Willi

Arabic Course

My opinion about the school is good. the teachers explain very well, and I could practice and improve my Arabic language. At the same time I have stayed in the country. 

Alejandro Martin Iglesias

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