Learn Arabic in egypt


Renata Barbusa

The learning system is impressive! the teachers are energetic and great

Renata Barbusa

Thanks Arabeya

4 u was a unique and productive school where we met a wonderful group of Egyptian teachers who changed the way we look at the Egyptian education system . In 4 u I learned a lot .


Ahmed Hassan Morsy

For Arabeya

I was very impressed with my experience at 4 u and would strongly recommend the school to others interested in studying Arabic in Cairo. I have been in and out of various Arabic language programs since 2004 and have studied with a wide range of teachers from top universities in America and the U.S department of state's foreign serine institute. Of the more than 20 teachers with whom I have studied, Manal ranks among the absolute best of them. I wish that I would have had more time to study with her as I'm sure that I would have continued to benefit greatly from her instruction. Manal 's ability to keep conversation going and keep me interested in the subject matter even when I would have otherwise disengaged . There was never a dull moment. I feel that my conversational skills improved a lot. I have absolutely no complaints about the class, but would have appreciated a more regular schedule like 3 hours each day. I was very impressed with my experience at 4U and would strongly recommend the school to others interested in studying Arabic in Cairo.


Jeohn farvors


4 u Arabic school is an excellent school, but what truly makes it good are the teacher. This is my second time here and I have had a wonderful experience. Having Sally as my teacher has really improved my Arabic further than any other Arabic teacher I have had ever the past 3 years of studying Arabic. She has a unique ability to make class fun but substantive at the same time.


Dereh fuclovici

Thanks Arabeya

 Was a student at Arabeya Language School (Tahrir Square Location) in May 2011. From my first email interaction with Hameed to my final day of classes with Hasnaa and Amira everything was positive. All communications were prompt and accurate. Scheduling was extremely flexible- thank you Walaa. Classes were fun and I learned so much! I'll be back for more for sure. 


Beth Hoadley

Arabeya School

The school is suitable, the teachers qualified, but I would have liked to have more active teachers that make class more engaging. Despite being one-on-one I didnt feel I was really getting the best out of my teacher.


Shan Hounsell

Rania was an excellent teacher.

Shan Hounsell

The Perfect Environment

Studying at Arabeya has been such an incredible experience.  The one-to-one courses have really helped me to learn at my own pace and to learn about the topics and speech styles that I want to focus on.  This is truly the best language school that I have ever studied at.

Michael Wenzel
The United States of America


The school has good teachers


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arabeya School! :D

Thank You, Arabeya. Thank You to my Teachers Hassna and Moshira. Thank you for taking a Beginner like me and helping me to find my way in this wonderfully complex and beautiful language. I certainly have progressed in many ways, developing a better ear and now even writing and reading in Arabic.

Dwight Ewell
United States


This is my fourth time coming to the Arabeya Institute and I always feel that I have learned so much with each visit.  This is the perfect school for learning Arabic.

Michael Wenzel
The United States of America


Arabeya is an amazing program at an affordable price! I honestly couldn't have asked for better teachers. All my teachers were professional and enthusiastic. My one-on-one courses were particularly good because the teachers were able to tailor the course according to my needs. I highly recommend this school!

Louis Steinkuehler

The school is great

The school is great and the staff is great. I have had a wonderful experience overall. I'm glad I chose this

Ghada Ghannam

My short stay at Arabeya has been very helpful

Arabeya has been very helpful - have been pleased with the teaching, the communication and the environment at the school. Would certainly recommend.

Anthon Jackson

The school was great overall

I spent 6 weeks studying at Arabeya and was extremely happy with my teachers and with the school. I started as a complete beginner and when I left I had a good base in ECA and am able to have conversations in Arabic! Thanks so much for your great teaching!

David Beversluis

The school is really great

Rania is an incredible teacher who constantly keeps her students focused and ensures that they are able to learn to the fullest of their abilities.

Ryan Zohar