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Rafael Aragones Estella

It has been a fabulous time here, I am so pleased with the seriousness of the school and teachers, they are fully looking after you really learn and practice the language. By spending such a short time I have learned a lot of Arabic as well as about the culture. Really I would recommend you to come over and enjoy, it has been so enriching personally and professionally

Rafael Aragones Estella

Mateusz Jorasz

الدوره كانت مفيده جدا خاصه لتعليم العاميه المصرية انا بأمل اني اتكلم بالعربي كويس بعد شويه ان شاء الله شكرا جزيلا

Mateusz Jorasz

Yesmin Abdo

Vine a buscar un idioma y encontrè una cultura.Estoy completamente feliz de haber participado en estas actividades. 
Mi desafio fue doble, aprender este idioma y comprenderlo desde la inmersion total del arabe.  Tuve una maestra paciente, inteligente y creativa. Ryham, ayudo para que esto sea posible. Sin la ayuda de ella esto no hubiera sido posible.  Agradezco las atenciones de todos, para nosotros los extranjeros, que estamos en este pais que luce tan misterioso y a la vez amable.   En estos dias, ustedes me hicieron sentir, cuidada y contenida. Nunca me senti sola. Ustedes estan atento a nuestras necesidades . Lo positivo : Aprendi el arabe, desde el arabe... sin mezclas. Fui alumna en esta escuela, que tiene un trato personalizado. Eso es muy importante.  Mis expectativas eran altas. .. y me voy satisfecha.  Lo negativo: Nada.  Agradezco a todo el personal de esta escuela, la calidez humana, la sencillez, y el respeto.  Estarè a su disposicion, si algun dia deciden visitar Buenos Aires, o ... abrir una escuela por alli.
Muchas Gracias

Yesmin Abdo

Michelle Oren

Stay was joyfully. Teachers are very professional and caring! Accommodation was modest but satisfying. Mr. Hamid attended us personally giving individual attention to each of the student requirements. We had especial meeting to instruct us about Ramadan traditions and behavior, which I found very helpful. I will defiantly return to study further Arabic in this wonderful school.

Michelle Oren


These 3 weeks in Egypt were a good first experience of Arabic language. I could enjoy the Ramadan and learn the basics of Arabic grammar. Every teacher was really kind here. I hope to come back to Egypt inshallah



This school was like a home away from home for me. My teachers were incredibly accommodating and tailored my classes to suit my needs and created engaging materials to keep me going. Although, I was studying alone for 4 hours everyday, my teachers created a fun and hardworking atmosphere that prevented the classes from being boring. They used other students or teachers for me to practice with and everyone in the school encourages you to use arabic with them. I have learnt a lot in the short time that i have been here and I will definitely return for further study in the near future.

Republic of Ireland

My opinion

I'm satisfied.

Jussi Niskanen


Very nice atmosphere and professional and friendly teachers. The school could try to do some more trips or activities with the students. Like the Christmas party.

Erik Sundblad


The scool i very good, I learnt a lot both Egyptian dialect and fusha. The lessons are very helpful and I appriciate their help.

Aleksandra Fudalej

Best School in Cairo

I've never met such good people in my life. The environment is so lovely and their  hospitality is amazing. The level of the knowledge that we gain is too high ...and generally all are perfect. So, Mr Hameed next time that i will come (inshallah),  i want the same people to be here. My 2 teachers Tasnem, Marwa, // Mariam, Israa, Hasnaa, Hala (2), Magdy,  Sarah. I love you all....

Nikoletta Konstantopoulou


I was very happy with the administration and with the facilities offered by the school. The teaching was absolutely great and I can say that attending this school has definitely helped me a lot. The staff working in the school is very nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school.


About Arabeya

Though I only had a chance to take a few classes, I enjoyed my experience at the school. The stuff is very professional and kind and is flexible with class scheduling. My teacher was very clear and very patient. I would recommend the school to others.




I had a wonderfull Time in Egypt and learned so much new things , the reason of that was the Wonderfull school of Arabeya. The Fact that the Stuff had very much time for me and cared a lot about me , made my educational stay much nicer. The Lessons are Flexibel and good.

Sinan Keles

Arabeya School

I loved my experience here and will miss it. It was one of the best parts of my time learning Arabic in Cairo.

Ruth Burks

Arabeya School

I had a great time at the school, and I felt very well looked after in all aspects, including accommodation. Everyone at the school was very friendly. The only thing to improve I think is more communication about class hours in advance, like how many hours we still have left, etc. But overall everything was great!

Anny Huang


Arabeya School

Very good school especially according to the prices. Good with focus on one-two-one classes, much appreciated.

Astrid Kudahl


I have spent a semester at Arabeya Association studying Islamic law. It has been very useful to me to study the legal sources, at the same time taking into consideration grammatical and lingual challenges. As I will be writing my masters on the subject, I have for sure got a head start. Arabeya is a great place to study and a nice place to be. The teachers are committed and positive, which is absolutely necessary when spending four months straight indulging in Arabic.I hope I will get the chance to return.

Oystein Skotheim

A friendly place

This is a friendly school, working hard to provide interesting and effective Arabic courses. I always enjoy coming back to continue this learning experience. Learning the language, I know more about the culture. Understanding the culture, I can better enjoying the company of the people. It`s a nice place to be !


I love how she teaches

I love how she teaches

Ramdan Latif

40 hours in 1 week

I chose to take a highly intensive course of 40 hours of fusha on an individual basis in one week. The communication before I came about the program was clear and helpful. Finding the institute on Tahrir Square didn't seem to be a problem and the reception was very friendly and hospitable.

My teachers Marwa and Hager helped me a lot in refreshing my memory and trying to adjust the programme to my needs and interests. They have been very patient with me when I had trouble remembering seemingly simple vocabulary and grammar, and shared my surprise and enthusiasm when I did remember the more difficult things.

Even though it was very intensive and hectic at times, I do wish I could have stayed longer in order to work together to improve more. I will definitely recommend Arabeya institute to anyone who wants to learn Arabic or improve their skills in the language!

Erik Prins
The Netherlands

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