In Cairo, there are three main modes of transportation: Taxi, Metro, and Bus. There are two types of buses: Microbus and Autobus. Microbuses are smaller and more cramped, but also slightly cheaper (about 75 and 1LE respectively). The Metro is a very efficient and cheap way to travel in Cairo although it helps to be near metro stations as there are only two lines. .

 Taxis are always an option in Cairo, as there is an abundance of them. Older taxis, the black ones, require that one bargain and reach an agreement with the driver before his or her trip. It helps to know the length and price of the trip, though if one doesn’t know he or she can always ask someone. White   have meters in them that eliminate the necessity of bargaining

  Taxis are nevertheless the most expensive of the modes of transportation, even though most students will find them to be quite cheap.