Excellent program. Upon finishing my 6 month course here at Arabeya, I believe that I can say with confidence that I benefited well. My main teachers Ahmed and Marwa are truly dynamic individuals that I believe can help Arabic students reach any of their goals provided the students do their best to work on them in and outside the classroom, whether those goals be speaking/listening focused, or reading/writing focused.

erik morata

School overall has been helpful in providing proper accommodations and fulfilling requests especially with Air Conditioning and Water problems. My only concern was the stolen money which was quickly addressed by management. Miss Mariam has been great in keeping up with my schedule conflicts. I feel that her professionalism has made me feel confident that everything would start on time. The office lady Miss Hala has been like a mother to me always checking up as well as bringing my food. Her personality has greatly impacted my experience here in Egypt as I looked at her as a second mother. Mister Hameed has been patient in keeping up with my schedule conflicts as well as responding promptly to my emails.

Amalia Alonzo

arabeya offers a one to one opportunity for students to learn and improve their Arabic at an appropriate pace in a comfortable environment. they are continuously developing their faculty to improve themselves for their students.

Bing Shao:

Arabeya is a really great place to start learning Arabic. The teachers are all very supportive and helpful. The classroom size is small and we get individual attention. There is a lot of interest cultural excursions like going out for breakfast. I really learned a lot

Ioana Paunescu:

I loved taking Arabic at the Arabeya Institute. Aya is an excellent, patient professor and teaches Arabic effectively.
This has been a wonderful experience.
Shukran Aya!!!


Arabeya Association is the best school ever

Angelique Petropouleas:

Angelique Petropouleas:
This was a great experience. I did not imagine I could learn so much in such a short time. Thank you!

Own Hin

El-Arabeya is unlike any school I've been to in the U.S. with small classes , awesome teachers and relaxing atmosphere. El-Areabeya is a keeper for sure. This is definitely where I would like to continue my Arabic studies .

Renata Barbusa

The learning system is impressive! the teachers are energetic and great

Jeohn farvors

I was very impressed with my experience at 4 u and would strongly recommend the school to others interested in studying Arabic in Cairo. I have been in and out of various Arabic language programs since 2004 and have studied with a wide range of teachers from top universities in America and the U.S department of state's foreign serine institute. Of the more than 20 teachers with whom I have studied, Manal ranks among the absolute best of them. I wish that I would have had more time to study with her as I'm sure that I would have continued to benefit greatly from her instruction. Manal 's ability to keep conversation going and keep me interested in the subject matter even when I would have otherwise disengaged . There was never a dull moment. I feel that my conversational skills improved a lot. I have absolutely no complaints about the class, but would have appreciated a more regular schedule like 3 hours each day. I was very impressed with my experience at 4U and would strongly recommend the school to others interested in studying Arabic in Cairo.

Dereh fuclovici

4 u Arabic school is an excellent school, but what truly makes it good are the teacher. This is my second time here and I have had a wonderful experience. Having Sally as my teacher has really improved my Arabic further than any other Arabic teacher I have had ever the past 3 years of studying Arabic. She has a unique ability to make class fun but substantive at the same time.


The school is suitable, the teachers qualified, but I would have liked to have more active teachers that make class more engaging. Despite being one-on-one I didnt feel I was really getting the best out of my teacher.

Shan Hounsell

Rania was an excellent teacher.

Michael Wenzel

The Perfect Environment
Studying at Arabeya has been such an incredible experience. The one-to-one courses have really helped me to learn at my own pace and to learn about the topics and speech styles that I want to focus on. This is truly the best language school that I have ever studied at.

Dwight Ewell

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arabeya School! :D
Thank You, Arabeya. Thank You to my Teachers Hassna and Moshira. Thank you for taking a Beginner like me and helping me to find my way in this wonderfully complex and beautiful language. I certainly have progressed in many ways, developing a better ear and now even writing and reading in Arabic.

Michael Wenzel

This is my fourth time coming to the Arabeya Institute and I always feel that I have learned so much with each visit. This is the perfect school for learning Arabic.

Louis Steinkuehler

Arabeya is an amazing program at an affordable price! I honestly couldn't have asked for better teachers. All my teachers were professional and enthusiastic. My one-on-one courses were particularly good because the teachers were able to tailor the course according to my needs. I highly recommend this school!

Ghada Ghannam

The school is great
The school is great and the staff is great. I have had a wonderful experience overall. I'm glad I chose this

Anthon Jackson

My short stay at Arabeya has been very helpful
Arabeya has been very helpful - have been pleased with the teaching, the communication and the environment at the school. Would certainly recommend.

David Beversluis

The school was great overall
I spent 6 weeks studying at Arabeya and was extremely happy with my teachers and with the school. I started as a complete beginner and when I left I had a good base in ECA and am able to have conversations in Arabic! Thanks so much for your great teaching!

Ryan Zohar

The school is really great
Rania is an incredible teacher who constantly keeps her students focused and ensures that they are able to learn to the fullest of their abilities.

Sherina Beha

I really do recommend the school and if I come back to Cairo I will defenetly take more arabic lessons at Arabeya Language School!
Israa is a perfect teacher. She knows exactly how to deal with students and how to teach a new language. She is a very funny and open minded person and she always takes her time when she is explaining something to you. I felt never ashamed of doing mistakes or ask her about topics more than ones. I perfectly understood the grammar topics and she helped me a lot with my writing. I loved to talk and learn with her a lot!

Laura Kotzur

I had my first arabic lessons with Doaa and I was so happy about the way she is explaining this difficult language. She is very friendly and we were laughing a lot. But I also appreciate the structured style of teaching. So its very easy to follow. I felt so comfortable and I was never afraid of making mistakes.

Norhan Basuni

Thank you for an amazing month ! I really fell in love with everything about this school. Everyone was just amazing. I will definitely come back soon

Amena Bhutta

Learning Arabic was more difficult than I thought , especially because we covered so much material in a small amount of time. But I'm really glad I could take what I learned in class and apply it to the streets of Cairo. The only thing I'm worried about now is not knowing enough introductory Arabic for standard Arabic since I will be talking standard Arabic 2 next semester. Overall I'm really happy with this class , this school and my bubbly teacher Hassnaa. And I will definitely continue with Arabic for as long as I can.

Noureen Ramzan

The classes at this school gave me a focused and more personalized experience than any other language class I have taken in the past. My teacher was very helpful and her energy helped and encouraged us. The supplementary booklet and the review sheet reinforced the lessons as well as the homework that was assigned. I wish I was continuing my lesson here because I'm sure I would learn a lot as compared to anywhere else. My only complaint is that my program was only for a month. I wish the program was longer so I could learn even more Arabic and converse more with people around me. Thanks for everything.


I think the small intimate atmosphere of the school makes it the perfect place to learn Arabic. The teachers are all very good at teaching and also kind and respectful to the students. They were both our friends and teachers at the same time. I will definitely consider coming back and taking more Arabic classes here in the future. Thank you for everything! Shukran gazeelan!! 

Gwendolyn roeske

I came to Arabeya for two reasons: to review the grammar I had learned at ILI from MSA 1 to 4 ; to unlock the language in my head ; start speaking it . Both objectives were met : I thought the speaking could impossible but even on the first day Hasnaa had me speaking for a whole hour !
Hasnaa’s openness and friendliness meant there were no barriers from her side and language learning was easy and fun .
What I liked best was how she explained things so simply while the other school samed to complicate things.
Thank you!

Angela Haskell

Hassnaa is very kind , patient and knowledgeable. she makes the whole class laugh and we have a lot of fun while learning. I wish it was longer so I could keep learning with her

Rosie Capps:

I have learned so much from this school when I first arrived in Egypt I didn’t know one word of Arabic after a month in Aya’s class I am now able to communicate with people on the street, order in a restaurant, etc. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to return to Arabeya this summer


I enjoyed my month with the Arabeya Association. Under the careful guidance of my teacher I learned to read with more comfort. Sometimes I even enjoyed reading- a feat I never imagined possible. Aside from the acadmic benefits, I was moved by the warmth of the school's staff. Few things in life have been as enjoyable as having a cup of Nescafe with Hala, who was like a sister to me. Indeed, even my teacher, Shrouk, became a friend and sister to me.


I enjoyed learning Arabic with hassnaa , she is very patient and always eager here to help .
The school is in a good location. Classes are not quite comfortable for large numbers of students some didn't have a desk .
Overall , great school and very amiable atmosphere .


Overall, I enjoyed learning Arabic at the school. The teachers and staff are very helpful and eager to help. Th materials provided by the school (such as the study guide) were very useful as well. The only thing that I didn’t like was that some classes did not give all students a desk. The pace of the lessons and the lessons themselves were fantastic and definitely informative.
I also really liked tea 


I really enjoyed my time in the 4 u institute. I learned so much about the Egyptian culture, the religion and of course of the language. Fatima, my teacher was great, she could teach appropriately to anybody's questions and needs. To all students of the Arabic language I can recommend a stay in 4 u institute where I've meet some of the nicest people in my life.

Gerldine Massuh

I really enjoyed learning Arabic and I am happy with all the knowledge I have learned in such a short amount of time. Though complicated at first , Arabic has become somewhat easier to learn and has helped with my communication while in Egypt .Thanks to the Arabeya school , I am now interested in learning more Arabic when I get back home to Newyork . Thank you hassnaa and Arabeya school.
Shokran owy !

Victoria Lassen:

I really enjoyed this class. I learned the alphabet and how to read and write. I just would have liked to learn more vocab and speaking so I would be able to ask for order something in Arabic instead of English. We could have talked about shopping or food, or anything to improve our sentences and speaking other than that. Aya was a great teacher. I learned a lot in a short amount of time

Kerry Ford

The Arabeya Association is full of warm , energetic and skilled teachers. They are able to meet the needs of each individual based on skill level . I enjoyed working with them and only wish I could have studied with them longer !

John Deborski

I feel very satisfied with my time at Arabeya. Everyone on the staff was always extremely friendly and helpful. In addition, I found the classes to be very good as well. They were flexible in enabling me to learn what I wanted, both in choosing what to study and then how those lessons proceeded on a day to day basis. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arabeya.


Great Arabic School

I was a first time student at Arabeyya from 2011 to 2012. All teachers are very nice, and will help with anything that you need. I was lucky to have three teachers of Arabeyya whom were all very well prepared with various teaching approaches. They all made their sessions fun and enjoyable. Would highly recommend over other Arabic schools of Cairo! When i can travel to the middle east outside the job i will certainly contact Arabeyya.
درست في المَدرسَة اللغة العربية لمدة علم واحد في سنِة ٢٠١١ - ٢٠١٢
كل مُدرسَات المَدرسَة العَرَبِيَة مُدرسات جيدون و مُساعدون
سوف أرجوَ و أدرُسِ


My opinion on Arabeya
The school is very good and well organized with dedicated teachers.

Leandra Dunn:

The school was very professional yet also accommodating and flexible to the needs of our groups. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning Arabic

brian kekeiser

I am very glad to be a student at a school which takes one –on-one class seriously. these sorts as lessons can be too casual sometimes , but Arabeya treats them as a valuable of language instruction . the price is also a mere reasonable than any school I have seen . I am very grateful to be a student here.

james latta

Finally satisfied as the teachers are well-dispositive and extremely patient as well as punctual. I like them personally and enjoy the lesson.
I would like to see more interactive lessons using different learning techniques brought in, I have had to bring some suggestions in myself which have seen accepted in success. I do not like the book as it is annoying and confusing, it full of mistakes I would prefer different material.
Outside of the book and seeing are varied lessons. I am satisfied.
Oh, the instructors need to be stricter about their students speaking too much English. I do this too much; I need to get wheeled for it.

Eric Ding

Studying Arabic in Egypt is a bless. Being immersed in the environment where Arabic is spoke allows for rapid improvement. The classes are relative structured and progresses at a convenient pace. I hope to make time from other obligations in future to study in Cairo with my instructors one more time.

Evan Delly

Fantastic flexibility and control over your course of study. A top match program with patient and helpful instructors. I can honestly recommend Arabeya to anyone looking to study both Fusha(MSA) and 3amiya (ECA) in Cairo!

Professor Kevin Bryant

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience studying at Arabeya. It was an incredible experience for me to realize that I could navigate the country and put my skills to use. The exposure to the rich history and culture of Egypt is unparalleled in comparison to other Arab countries that I have visited. The students from my university also enjoyed and benefited from their study experience as well. I would highly recommend this program

Wayne S. Mowey

A language immersion program like none other, offering a perfect bland of classroom learning, self exploration and discovery, and eager to show us the true nature of Cairo and its inhabitants truly, My friends and I learned more in a week than we did over an entire semester a tour University in America. This program is the real deal

Daniel Negless

I had a real experience over the last three months learning a lot of fus7a and having fun doing so…thanks for the experience . Great teacher fun experience I have learned a lot so fun looking forward to even more things best of luck in her future . during my 13 week’s study we went to Alazhar park and all of pats 2&3 great great experience

Lori Souza

I want to thank the center for the wonderful lessons here in El Mohandeseen. I stayed for two weeks in the accomodation offered by the school. I learned much during this short time. I have been studying Arabic slowly over the last year. The teachers here know how to bring all the knowledge together so that learning is not only fun, but an experience that will help me to further my studies in Arabic. I would like to come back again. The school provided an excellent service by providing me with everything I needed to get by in El Mohandessen. Thank you for making my stay in Egypt an enriched experience!!


I found the facilities to be clean and organized. I have greatly benefited from my time here. I appreciate their flexibility and willingness to work on an individual level.

Beth Hoadley

Was a student at Arabeya Language School (Tahrir Square Location) in May 2011. From my first email interaction with Hameed to my final day of classes with Hasnaa and Amira everything was positive. All communications were prompt and accurate. Scheduling was extremely flexible- thank you Walaa. Classes were fun and I learned so much! I'll be back for more for sure.

Brad Youngblood

I came to Cairo with two very specific language goals in MSA and ECA and 3 years prior experience with the language. Most language institutes specialize in teaching beginning learners so finding one that can determine your prior level and work with you to improve it in ways that help you meet a specific goal is fairly difficult in my experience. However, through one-on-one classes with Hasnaa I was able to meet my goals in a relatively short time thanks to the great job she did working with me to find my exact weaknesses in both MSA and ECA and address them in appropriate ways. The totally personalized lesson plan and real study materials she created for me (not just stock handouts) made for an all around exceptional learning experience. Perhaps you could say as much for other tutors around the world, but I've studied at other language schools in Cairo and the greater Middle East and I have yet to find a place with the same educational value per hour that you receive at Arabeya.

Kathleen Krisher

I highly recommend this program for anyone interest in learning Arabic. The setting is immersive and the teachers are passionate. Most of the classes are either one on one for with just one or two other students, so you get personalized attention. The housing is also great so for anyone looking to live in Egypt while studying to get a real feel for the culture, this program is the way to go.

Ruth Burks

I loved my experience here and will miss it. It was one of the best parts of my time learning Arabic in Cairo.