Ilaz Buzhala

pleasant atmosphere also with the other students and other teachers. It is a very good school with a good atmosphere between the teachers and students. The lessons were very cool and they had a good combination between grammar and free chosen topics. I was able to learn a lot and I could even exercise them in the evening with egyptian friends. Thank you very much for all I have learned here.

Sandra Nilsson - Sweden

I have studied at several language centres but I have never been as satisfied with any school as I have been at Arabeya - the teachers and staff are very professional, competent, well-focused and at the same time extremely friendly. I really felt that my teacher could tell what I needed to focus on, did not waste any time, had good pedagogical techniques and created an encouraging learning atmosphere.

Daisuke Ogata

Nice location from my apartment and well organized service gave me great thinking as I feel like come here to study next time again and also there were a lot of great teachers one to the junior friend of mine studying Arabic at my university as well wants to come to study Arabic at the school, As I came back to Japan, I am going to recommend the school to him to come next year. Really nice school!
However my apartment has really poor facility and furniture so you should equip some things new such as lights and washing machine.
At last I have to say the school, Thank you very much.


This is a GREAT school and I'm really happy I found it. I will definitely come back in the future. The two teachers I came in contact with (I had one on one classes) were both great! A real asset to the school!
The lessons were well planned, I was given homework and it was checked up on (or we did them quickly together on the few occasions I had left some part undone because of too much sightseeing the previous day). The teachers both had an amazing patience and they were very friendly and made me feel comfortable at all times. We also had a lot of fun and there wasn't a single dull moment during class.
Everyone I came in contact with at the school (i.e. not only the teachers) were very friendly and they speak good English.
The school has a good wifi connection and you can have coffee and tea during the breaks.


I`m so glad to study arabic here.teachers are all ind and school good.I hope to study here again

Kei Kato

fun school

The school is very welcoming and all the teachers try to communicate with you in Arabic and help you improve. They prepare the materials for you according to your level. In a group lesson, it is a little bit problematic if students have a different level of Arabic, so in the future I hope they can divide people more appropriately into groups. The accommodation is very close to the school and there are a lot of shops. It is a little bit run down but I would say it is acceptable.

Lars Johansson

Absolutely fantastic
This school is absolutely fantastic, all from the registration process, the information provided before arrival, to the teaching. The teachers are really devoted to their job, professional, and competent. They adopt to the students without loosing the red thread through the lessons. The amount of Arabic I learned during four weeks is amazing. All staff is very kind and keen to help and assist whatever it might be.Very nice accomodation close to the school and nice environments.

Takayo Ida

Teachers are very good because they about our and hear our opinion and what we want.
Thank you for your kindness

Julia Krueger

A friendly, flexible school
The Arabeya schools in Cairo are very popular - so I was lucky that they were able to fit me into their schedule at all, when I made a last-minute transfer from another Arabic language school. I studied fusha for one month.

Arabeya has the outspoken goal of trying to meet every student's individual needs and desires, which is a good start. One thing that the teachers could work more on, is insisting to give instructions, etc, in class - always first in Arabic, then in English. On the other hand, the lessons that I took were different than the ordinary language programs, since they were especially tailored to prepare for my Swedish university exams.
The atmosphere in the school is friendly, a bit crowded, happy!


A short course worthwhile

I spent around 1 month and a half studying at Arabeya but wish I would have been able to stay longer. The flexible system allows for tailored schedules according to the wishes and needs of the students. The teachers seem experienced and mine was able not only to teach me the basics of ECA but also introduce me to the Egyptian culture. I will do my best to return to Arabeya in the future and I recommend the school to anyone who is interested in learning ECA.

Erik Sundblad

I strongly recommend this school. It\s inexepensive, flexible, has good teachers and is well located. It's my forth visit to the school and I\ll definetly come back again.


I am very satisfied with my short, but intense, time at the school. Everyone is really helpful and the teachers are very professional.

Erik Sundblad

Very nice atmosphere and professional and friendly teachers. The school could try to do some more trips or activities with the students. Like the Christmas party.