Madalina Craiu

I had a great time at Arabeya, as I had last year too, this being my second time here. Attending classes here also made my experience in Egypt complete. The teachers are great, friendly, well prepared and really sweet. It makes me want to come the third time to Egypt.

Ana-Maria Gajdo

I found a family here in Arabeya. It is my family in Egypt. Very good teachers, very nice people! I want to come back as soon as possible. In a short time they made wonders for me! Listening, reading, writing, listening, playing in Arabic, all these made me better and better! It is an amaying experince. And Egypt and Cairo are forever in my heart because of the peoples and places and history and culture! Thank you Arabeya!

Eddie Annason

The school accommodation is great and very close to school.

jannie lehman

very enthusiastic,well prepared, great educational skills.


I have studied at several language centers but I have never been as satisfied with any school as I have been at Al Arabeya - the teachers and staff is very professional, competent, well-focused and at the same time extremely friendly. I really felt that my teacher could tell what I needed to focus on, did not waste any time, had good pedagogical techniques and created an encouraging learning atmosphere.


Subject: I had one of the greatest experience studying at Arabeya School.First of all, the staff from the institute was really concerned about my stay here and if everything is alright with the accomodation. If I needed anything I just had to speak with the secretary and she would help me immediately.The teacher here are amazing.They are very professional and organized and they make you take your work seriously.What I loved the most was that they took my suggestions in consideration concerning the classes and they understood what I needed to learn.They also make the classes really interesting and work with you in order to improve all the skills you need in arabic.The amount of work is a lot, but if you are really dedicated, you can improve you arabic a lot by following their programs.I personally hope that I will be able to come back and benefit from the courses that the school offers.

Gii Denisa Claudia

I am very happy that i chose to attend Arabeya school. With regard to Arabic, I can honestly say that I feel more confident now when I use this language. The courses really helped me to improve my skills. The atmosphere inside the school is very welcoming and the staff is very friendly which gave me a lot of energy and made me to enjoy coming to school every morning. The Arabeya collective is very organised and that is what made me feel very comfortable. The fact that we could call Arabeya and discuss about every problem we had outside the school made me feel very comfortable and secure also.
Thank you very much, you do a great job here. This was a great experience for me.