Dounia Ajami

Cette ecole permet d apprendre dans de superbes conditions avec une equipe presente et qui accompagne duant tout le sejour. J ai appris a m exprimer a lire et ecrire avec elles dans l ambiance locale . Good and welcoming place to study and meet people
Safety and clean with a good atmosphere and nice people who wok there.
I like the view and the natural light the office have and it is easy to find in Cairo


Hello, Arabeya is gr9

Peter Thorn - New Zealand

Arabeya is a really friendly school, working hard to provide interesting and effective Arabic courses. I always enjoy coming back to continue this learning experience. Learning the language, I know more about the culture. Understanding the culture, I can better enjoy the company of the people. It`s a nice place to be!

Soerine Asmussen

Esraa is really good in explaining things and has lots of patient. Furthermore she is open to discussing whatever I might wanna discuss, for example certain topics or certain grammar


A school with very friendly and professional staff. It was my second stay here and I will come back.

Timothee Haug

Even if I stayed for a short time at this language school, the teaching was efficient enough to give me a very good communication basis. The working team is very nice and friendly, which makes you feel almost at home in this cosy flat located in Tahrir Square. If I get the chance to do it, no doubt that I would come back to this school to deepen my learning, and I strongly recommand it to any person interested in learning Arabic (MSA or ECA) in the incredible Cairo city. Thank you so much, to my teachers and to all the working team of Tahrir branch of Arabeya.

Elena Voinson Pi

Great Experience
I was studying arabic for 2 1/2 months in this school, and I really had an amazing time.
All the staff is very friendly, kind, and helpful. I can only recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn arabic in Cairo. The teachers are all great. I had one-to-one class and small group class, and every time it was a pleasur for me to come to the school. I had a lot of fun, and after almost 3 months, I am really happy of my level in arabic.
Thank you to all of you for this unforgettable experience with you.

franck joly

I spent 2 weeks in Arabeya for MSA courses and i would
say that it will remain a very nice and great memory.
All the staff here is ready to help and is welcoming.
Highly recommended !!!!!


Very nice teacher and people around
The place could be difficult to locate without preparation
It has been exactly what I wanted,this way of learning that we chose together with the teacher .We did not last any time.
Teacher very patient.
I thanks her for that.

Laurent Claudel

The school provided what I was looking for

Coming everyday for a month to learn this rather difficult language was a pleasure. I especially appreciated being in the small group (2 people) for the first 2 weeks, which I found was the best option to learn.

Gaspard le Roux

Nice place, a swimming pool would be perfect
Very nice experience, chokran jezilan


Such a perfect school
I have just completed a 4 week course in ECA and I am very grateful to all the staff. Everybody was so professional and with great human values. I will come back inshallah.

Mustafa ozloprah

Every body here is very kind. I think I spend a good time here, In addition to there's very good atmosphere. I will recommend this school to all my friends.

Khalid Karaz

I am globaly satisfied of all my linguistic trip in cairo. The school and teacher was good thanks Marwa for all you teach me duriong one eutire month. My accomodation was correct but expencive compare to the real estate in cairo.
I hope that come back as soon as I can and wish you succes for the future inchallah.
khalid karaz
خالد كراز

karim Ibrahim

What a professional school! What a lovely family! Located in the heart of Cairo, Arabeya stands out for its customized teaching method. Each student is given particular attention, based on his/her level of arabic as well as prior studies and knowledge. The friendliness and hospitality of the the entire staff made my stay pleasant, enjoyable and fun! All this, while experiencing the timelessly wealthy age-old history and culture of Cairo and Egypt.

Peter Thorn

This is the third time that I have come to this school to revise and improve my arabic. As always it has been a great experience within a friendly environment. I hope to be back soon quickly...

Remy duveruey

It was a great experience and learned many things. The school is well located and stuff is very friendly. The structures of the course are well setup and many subjects are teached .

Micheal Lund

very professionaly run with very good teachers who are very god at tailoring individual courses to each student`s needs. have tried two other schools in Cairo.and this is definitely the best

Muriel Lecomte

The school was recommended by one of my friends and I must say it was a good recommendation. It allowed me to learn more about language and the culture. All the material I was given is usable in the future if I want to work by myself when I go back home and this is very useful. The structure is very organized and welcoming. It easily adapts to our needs. I have a very professional attitude in general.


I have spent three months studying at the school and I only can say that I am very pleased with the teaching by all those excellent teachers ans the wonderful staff always willling to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The teachers I had a few, are very keen to help you in your endeavor and in adapting the material acording to your interest which makes for an enjoyable experience altogether.The school is in a quiet and nice location of Cairo and you might opt for the accommodation near by which is very convenient also. thank you very much to evryone. I leave happy with a good base to follow on studying. J ai passe trois mois dans cette ecole et je ne peux que feliciter le personnel qui est tres attentif a vos demandes et s'applique a rendre votre sejour tres agreable. Mais l enseignement est tres bon et les professeurs sont tres attentives aussi a vos demandes et vous guident dans votre apprentissage selon vos capacites, vos interest et vos besoins. Je quitte l'ecole confiant avec de tres bonnes bases quio me permettent de continuer a progresser dans mon apprentissage de la langue arabe. Vous pouvez egalement profiter du logement qui est tout proche de l ecole qui se trouve dans un quartier bien tranquille et calme du Caire.

Peter Thorn

This is a friendly school, working hard to provide interesting and effective Arabic courses. I always enjoy coming back to continue this learning experience. Learning the language, I know more about the culture. Understanding the culture, I can better enjoying the company of the people. It`s a nice place to be !