Tyran Kingwell

If you wish to learn Arabic by method of tutoring rather then lecturing, this is the place for you.

Iman Salim Ali Farrar

Arabeya is a wonderful and welcoming environment, where everyone - from the receptionists, to the students there, to the teachers who are both yours and not - tries their absolute best to make you feel welcome in Egypt and at the school, and comfortable enough to become unafraid and just delve right in. I really appreciated their flexibility and the special attention they paid to my needs and wants from the course. My two-week intensive passed by far too quickly, and I can\'t wait to be back for a more laid back immersive experience! The teachers very quickly become your friends as well, and everyone is so genuine and thoughtful.

Jazmine Elmolla

I only spent three weeks at Arabeya but they ensured that the three weeks were productive and I could achieve what I wanted to. Great teachers, very accommodating and housing is extremely convenient.
Well organised, well priced and accommodating to student needs.

Brigid O'Farrell

I am really enjoying my experience with Arabeya.
I have
thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arabeya in Cairo. Since the day I
arrived, all of the staff have been very kind and welcoming - making
me feel at home in a new city.
The teachers are highly skilled, and I saw a huge improvement in my
speaking, writing and comprehension within only a few weeks. My time
at Arabeya has inspired me to keep learning Arabic, and I hope I will
return to the school in future.

Charles Northam

school is very flexible in meeting the demands of students and the
teachers are well qualified and communicate clearly

Eva Piechl

nothing comes to my mind
everything is really good. thx alot

Francesca Wells

A professional school that was welcoming of all levels.
A professional school that was welcoming of all levels. I immediately was made to feel welcome and appreciated
the school fitting me in with such short notice. The school feels like a family and every staff member I came into contact with encouraged learning and made you feel comfortable and at home.

Learning Arabic! I was a complete beginner and I found the one on one classes a great way to commence learning
Arabic. The classes were fun which made learning fun - it didn't feel like a chore and I looked forward to attending classes each day. Rehab and Manar are special teachers - they made learning Arabic for me fun and I wish I had of had more time at the school to learn more. Classes were well structured for my
beginner level and both Manar and Rehab were patient with me as I stumbled through pronunciation and reading! I would recommend the school to anyone looking for somewhere to study. I wish I could find another Rehab and Manar in Australia!!! Inshallah I will be back to Cairo one day to continue learning at your

Iman & Darlina & Khadeejah

We thoroughly enjoyed learning colloquial Arabic here at the Arabeya Institute. From the get-go, the teachers and staff alike were extremely friendly and made us feel welcome for the duration of our study. The class was engaging and exciting, with games and activities to stimulate the mind and directly apply what we were learning. We are now successfully able to proceed with daily dealings without having to play a game of charades with the shop owners and taxi drivers, making not only our stay here in Egypt much easier and more cultured, but one that is invaluable to us - one that we know we will continue to utilise back home.

Jochem Andriessen

he school is very well located, provides in good teachers and good facilities (always water, tea, coffee).
I expected to meet more students in the school that would have been nice. I heard that there was also another branch of the school. Maybe it is an idea for the future to organize a moment where the students of the schools can meet each other in order to group and go out with each other.
Overall I had a great time and I was very happy with Arabeya! I will definitely consider coming the next year.

Beverley Cactek

I had been planning to study Arabic in Syria, but due to political strike there I had to change my plans at the last minute.

Accordingly, I arrived in Cairo with no knowledge of the language classes available. Quite by accident I came across the Arabic school what a find! From the moment I walked in, I was warmly welcomed unlike some of the other schools and institutions (eg AUC), which seemed impersonal. The staff is courteous and friendly, and did an excellent job of finding lesson time to suit me.

I decided to try "العامية", thinking that I probably would not stay in Cairo for more than a week or two- never expecting such a wonderful programmed. After my first lesson, I resolved t spend the full two months of my holiday here in Cairo, and have nor regretted thing for one moment, despite the chaos and hear of thing huge city.

Jarryd Calcinai

my opinion
I have been studying at the school in Cairo for a year, and I would have to say it has been a positive influence on my Arabic fluency to say the least.
I came here only knowing Modern Standard Arabic, and even then my comprehension of it was average at best. Now however I would say that I am very comfortable in both written and spoken Arabic, whether in Modern Standard or in Egyptian colloquial.

The one thing which I think stands out about the school is the class structure. Most students have classes one-on-one in a semi-formal atmosphere, which means you get to learn how people speak normally to each other, rather than learning to speak some really stilted artificial version of how people really speak. You also gain a real insight into Egyptian life and culture as a result.
It is too difficult to jot down just how beneficial my time here has been here, but I can safely say that I have no regrets and would definitely recommend the school to those who are looking for a language school in Cairo

Charles Northam

Arabeya School has a range of options for Arabic learners including individual or small group classes throughout the year at two convenient locations in Cairo. The teachers and administrators are all professional and speak English well. The school is very practical and flexible and offers both Modern Standard Arabic and the Egyptian dialect. ٍSometimes the school organizes cultural activities on weekends for students. It is a fun and relaxed environment in which to learn Arabic.

Anny Huang

I had a great time at the school, and I felt very well looked after in all aspects, including accommodation. Everyone at the school was very friendly. The only thing to improve I think is more communication about class hours in advance, like how many hours we still have left, etc. But overall everything was great!