I am very happy to have chosen this language school, i learned a lot and my teacher Doaa really focused on the topics i asked for. I recommend coming here!!

Doaa is very flexible and focused on the topics i asked for, we laughed a lot and she also explained very well. Sometimes she struggles with some English words (like me)

Enass is a very good and friendly teacher. I was happy to meet her and hope to come back for more classes.

If you wish to learn Arabic by method of tutoring rather then lecturing, this is the place for you.

I really enjoyed my classes here at Arabeya! My teachers Esraa and Mariam were very good at explaining the grammar and getting me to practice speaking. The staff is super friendly and helpful! I would definitely return to this school and continue learning Arabic.
My teachers Esraa and Mariam Esraa is excellent in explaining the grammatical rules clearly. She encourages me to speak despite the mistakes I make, which makes me feel more confident when practicing Arabic. Moreover, she is incredibly energetic and smiles everyday which always makes me excited to go to her class. The variety in her teaching methods makes her classes enjoyable and never boring.
Her knowledge on the Arabic language is immense and she can always answer my grammatical questions with a precise answer. I really enjoyed the small group class and learned a lot from the other person\'s questions. Esraa is very patient and encouraging when I practice my Arabic. She never makes me feel uncomfortable or judges me for my mistakes. I am vey happy with her as a teacher.
The school has very qualified teachers and I am happy with my choice of school. The staff is very welcoming and nice. The receptionists were always ready to help you. The school does lack some facilities here in the Tahrir branch though. It is a bit small, the elevator in the building stops between floors sometimes. I do wish there was an outdoor area to sit in during breaks.

Cette ecole permet d apprendre dans de superbes conditions avec une equipe presente et qui accompagne duant tout le sejour. J ai appris a m exprimer a lire et ecrire avec elles dans l ambiance locale . Good and welcoming place to study and meet people
Safety and clean with a good atmosphere and nice people who wok there.
I like the view and the natural light the office have and it is easy to find in Cairo

All in all, I enjoyed my time during lessons. I felt like I could shape my own learning process as well look into methodology or ways I could improve my learning skills. I enjoyed my time in Arabeya. Management was very efficient, helped with all issues, also organised interesting outings.

First of all, I have actually been super impressed by the school as the whole service is really professional and the way the lessons and activities are organized as well as the support in Cairo and the accommodation.Cause it was my first academical trip to an arabic country so I had lots of worries. But all gone as soon as I went to school the next day after I arrived. Also I have to say that my progress in Arabic language got higher then ever, and thanks to Arabeya classes !
Manar is really really energetic, the way she teaches is pretty intense, but thats exactly what I needed. So I guess this way of teaching may not suit everybody, but for me as a young student it was perfect!

This school is very comfortable to study Teacher She is very creative for teaching so I think she is very good teacher

I\'ve had the best time in Cairo, thanks to the lovely teachers and staff at Arabeya. Thank you all for making my trip memorable! And helping me improve my Arabic skills more than I could have imagined.
I was easy to feel at home at Arabeya. The stuff is nice, there\'s always someone who you can talk to and the lessons are so much fun! The teachers know how to encourage you.

Zeinab is a very structurred teacher who also has a lot of background knowledge about Egypt\'s culture which she shares\' so the class was much more than just learning a language. Both her skills in the subject as well as her skills in bringing the subject across are excellent!!
I thought there were not enough extracurricular activities. I would have loved to see something once a week at least.

great school, nice and professional teachers, give lessons on your level as required
strenght, very active wa of teaching, every time find another way to help and teach
very nice to be here again, great lessons and practice from great teachers

I loved the very calm and welcoming atmosphere in the school and the the fact that all the teachers were so helpful and. friendly. Ebtihel is very patient and friendly. She created an atmosphere in which I felt very comfortable to ask questions. At the same time she was able to challenge me and focus
on my weaknesses when necessary. The fact that the classes where one on one made it very intense sometimes . However, this also made it possible for me to get the most out of my four weeks here.

Arabeya is a wonderful and welcoming environment, where everyone - from the receptionists, to the students there, to the teachers who are both yours and not - tries their absolute best to make you feel welcome in Egypt and at the school, and comfortable enough to become unafraid and just delve right in. I really appreciated their flexibility and the special attention they paid to my needs and wants from the course. My two-week intensive passed by far too quickly, and I can\'t wait to be back for a more laid back immersive experience! The teachers very quickly become your friends as well, and everyone is so genuine and thoughtful.

I only spent three weeks at Arabeya but they ensured that the three weeks were productive and I could achieve what I wanted to. Great teachers, very accommodating and housing is extremely convenient.
Well organised, well priced and accommodating to student needs.

pleasant atmosphere also with the other students and other teachers. It is a very good school with a good atmosphere between the teachers and students. The lessons were very cool and they had a good combination between grammar and free chosen topics. I was able to learn a lot and I could even exercise them in the evening with egyptian friends. Thank you very much for all I have learned here.

I think the school has a professional way of organizing the lessons before starting and during the 3 weeks of stay. The professional way of dealing with absence of a teacher or with any needs is great. I felt at home, welcome and well guided.
Esraa teaches vey well, quiet, acurate and with a lot of knowledge. She is a open, friendly and happy woman to listen to, to learn from and to be with. She is flexible in changing subjects of learning that need to be done. This 3 weeks i have had no day at all that i thought she was bothering or irritating me in my learningproces. Bravo !! I can recommend her as a very good teacher.

This school and the teachers are very good. I really can recommend it. 6 hours lessons per day was a bit too much for me, because you also have to do homework. Next time I will do max 4 hours per day.
The lessons we got were very good! Good explanations, the teachers did their work very well!!!! They had a lot of patience and prepare their lessons in a super good way.

The only mistake was my own foult.
I overestimated my ability to spend so many hours a day on a couse for 3 weeks.
It was to much fora man of my age.(70)
I liked the school. Specially the teachers they were very nice and
. in teaching.

I\'ve studied ECA at Arabeya for three weeks. I cannot believe how much progress I made. The teachers at the school are committed, creative and in touch with how everyday conversations work in Egypt. They prepared me very well for real life situations and I felt time flying during class. It was never boring. I hope to return soon.

I had a great time at Arabeya, as I had last year too, this being my second time here. Attending classes here also made my experience in Egypt complete. The teachers are great, friendly, well prepared and really sweet. It makes me want to come the third time to Egypt.

Arabeya is a small institute where you\'ll feel immediately comfortable. You can choose what you want to focus on and the hours are very flexible. I would recommend this place to everyone who wants to improve his or her Arabic.

Somaia is very skilled in explaining even advanced linguistic concepts in Arabic. She does not resort to English translations but instead focuses on explaining a word or a concept in a simplified way that makes it understandable. This is immensely helpful when struggling with a second language..
Manar is extremely personable and brings tons of energy to the table. After just a couple of classes we were able to joke with one another and still maintain focus on the academic task at hand. Probably the most likable teacher I have had!

Well recommended, as a beginner. I learnt fast and a lot. More than I expected, and in a friendly environment.

Thanks to everyone. I felt welcome from the moment of my arrival at Cairo International Airport until the end. I received a lot of help from everybody, including the secretariat, as well as the kind lady who cleaned our flat, as well as Barak. All of them were outstandingly welcoming and patient , offering the possibility of using what litte Arabic or Ameya I knew. And thanks for all the smiles.

Excellent program. Upon finishing my 6 month course here at Arabeya, I believe that I can say with confidence that I benefited well. My main teachers Ahmed and Marwa are truly dynamic individuals that I believe can help Arabic students reach any of their goals provided the students do their best to work on them in and outside the classroom, whether those goals be speaking/listening focused, or reading/writing focused.

To the school and teachers, Shukran. I have been travelling for 6 months now and learning Arabic here at the Arabeya school is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. I am confident now to practice my skills while travelling further. Thankyou.

Arabeya is a relaxed school with high-quality teaching staff, they are able to tailor the class to your specific interests in the language which was the main appeal to me as a complete beginner.

I found a family here in Arabeya. It is my family in Egypt. Very good teachers, very nice people! I want to come back as soon as possible. In a short time they made wonders for me! Listening, reading, writing, listening, playing in Arabic, all these made me better and better! It is an amaying experince. And Egypt and Cairo are forever in my heart because of the peoples and places and history and culture! Thank you Arabeya!

Great classes at Arabeya
After quick and flexible response from the arabeyya, I had a short and intensive Ammeya class at Arabeyya. In receiving me, the school was very flexible and attentive to what I wanted to do and accomplish during the classes, creating a program perfect for me!

My teacher was very patient and knowledgeable, coming well prepared to our sessions. Brining a variety of current texts and media, the classes never went dull.
When I get the chance to return to Egypt to freshen up on my Arabic, I will certainly email Arabeyya

Really interesting conversations about every topic, similar interests in culture and travel, lively way of explaining the topics in the book.Hasnaa is an incredibly entertaining and lively teacher with an enthusiastic style. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me!
Hasnaa is an incredibly entertaining and lively teacher with an enthusiastic style. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me!

professional place to study
she could start to study with me from the level and knowledge I achieved till the time I started and helped me with practice and to add more knowledge

Amazing school and awesome teachers! Always willing to help with everything. I had a great time here :)

Amazing, helpful teachers. I\'ve improved my language a lot!

Marwa was always very nice with us and I learnt a lot ! I am so glad I met her

Hello, Arabeya is gr9

Unforgettable! I had an unforgettable time at Arabeya. We stayed in the apartment close to the school (Muhandseen), so every morning we only had a short walk to go to class. I studied ECA and the teacher was very good, and friendly, and patient, too. I love Egypt and I long to speak the language. When not at the art school, we would go to the Al-Azhar Park, Khan-el-Khalili, Tahrir, Downtown, or we just studied at home. We also went to the White Desert and the Red Sea. It was a good mix of study and pleasure.
After my return home I took online lessons, which also are very good. Again, I had a patient teacher (which I need, because the language is difficult), and I learned a lot. I sure hope to go to Arabeya again soon, Inshallah next year!

Arabeya is a really friendly school, working hard to provide interesting and effective Arabic courses. I always enjoy coming back to continue this learning experience. Learning the language, I know more about the culture. Understanding the culture, I can better enjoy the company of the people. It`s a nice place to be!

I have studied at several language centres but I have never been as satisfied with any school as I have been at Arabeya - the teachers and staff are very professional, competent, well-focused and at the same time extremely friendly. I really felt that my teacher could tell what I needed to focus on, did not waste any time, had good pedagogical techniques and created an encouraging learning atmosphere.

thankful for nice lessons

Very good. I appreciate the proximity of the school to the students accommodation as well.

Accomodation is close to the school and really nice, it sometimes had few problems in terms of hot water and wifi connection. , but besides that it is recommandable.

Great experience!
I have been at Arabeya for three weeks to study ECA, and enjoyed it very much. Thanks to individual lessons with a great teacher I feel I have made great progress in the language. I also enjoyed the "family-like" atmosphere in the school (for example there was always someone in the kitchen to prepare you a tea). And my student accommodation was well-equipped and only a three-minute walk away from the school. So I can just recommend Arabeya to anyone wishing to successfully study the Arabic language!

I've had a wonderful experience at Arabeya. The list of superlatives is endless, and at the risk of sounding like an Arabeya marketing agent, I'll keep it short. This experience has transformed my approach to language acquisition. In two short weeks, I have been exposed to an incredibly broad range of new lexis, and finally got my head around many of the grammar rules I was struggling with. I feel my conversational skills have jumped up a level and so to my confidence.

I met many interesting people who, like me, are on this journey to learn Arabic. I have had the privilege of studying with three excellent teachers. Cairo is quite simply an enchanting city, which if you haven't visited, you really should.
My only regret is not coming here when I first decided it was probably best that I register for an intensive language course somewhere in the Middle East (which was back in 2009).

Arabeya makes learning fun and almost painless
I am very pleased with Arabeya. Staff and teachers very friendly and professional. Was able to have a flexible schedule. Enjoyed the one-on-one training suited to my needs and interest. I feel I progressed quickly and it was fun at the same time!

A school to recommend
After searching about a suitable school to study arabic with, i am very happy I found Arabeya. The school has a very comfortable and calm environment to study in and everyone is very friendly and helpful. My teachers were excellent and prepared their classes flexible according to my wishes and requirements. Grammar is dealt very detailed so you learn it good and the practise is often in a playful way to keep the fun in the lesson. In the four weeks I spent in the school i learnt fast and a lot. I can recommend this school definitely and i think about rejoing it again for more courses.

Thanks Arabeya!
Thanks to all the staff at Arabeya school! It was great to study here. I learned a lot in just a short time. And the teaching was fantastic. Ila liqaa'!

I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks studying Egyptian Arabic at Arabeya. The teachers are very professional and make the lessons enjoyable. I found that one to one classes helped me to progress quickly and suited my needs best. The school was also very flexible in arranging the class timings and I found the staff to be very helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone wishing to learn Arabic.

School overall has been helpful in providing proper accommodations and fulfilling requests especially with Air Conditioning and Water problems. My only concern was the stolen money which was quickly addressed by management. Miss Mariam has been great in keeping up with my schedule conflicts. I feel that her professionalism has made me feel confident that everything would start on time. The office lady Miss Hala has been like a mother to me always checking up as well as bringing my food. Her personality has greatly impacted my experience here in Egypt as I looked at her as a second mother. Mister Hameed has been patient in keeping up with my schedule conflicts as well as responding promptly to my emails.

great courses
I was taking classes with only one other student and I had four hours of ECA a day, which meant that there was a lot to learn everyday. The teachers helped me to deal with the workload and they provided different types of learning material, such as films, conversation tasks, grammar sheets etc. The school has a very cozy atmosphere and there is constantly coffee and tea being served. The location of the school is perfect, because you can take any of the metro lines and it is only a two-minutes-walk from Sadat station.

arabeya offers a one to one opportunity for students to learn and improve their Arabic at an appropriate pace in a comfortable environment. they are continuously developing their faculty to improve themselves for their students.

This was an interesting and nice new experience for language studies in a foreign country. I had never done before and I recommend this for every Arabic student.

Great teachers and very friendly staff. I will be back.

Arabeya is a really great place to start learning Arabic. The teachers are all very supportive and helpful. The classroom size is small and we get individual attention. There is a lot of interest cultural excursions like going out for breakfast. I really learned a lot

Arab - or how i became a chair
When I first visited arabeya it felt like being accepted as a family member! And since then I've always enjoyed coming back to the school, even if I wouldn't have class - just to see the people again. There was always a helping hand and always a smile when arabic seemed to hard to master. So when it was one of those days again, when nothing worked, when I couldn't remember any of my vocab or grammar we would simply conclude "ana kursi annaharda" - "I am a chair today". So even on the hardest days there was no feeling of giving up or quitting arabic at all, but only a even funnier day! Which motivated me even more in becoming better in arabic. But also beside the lessons and school I had great time together with my teachers, who where always up for any activities outside the school. So arabeya is not only a great place for learning the language but as well to meet new friends and get a helping hand for the sometimes tough life in cairo downton.

I loved taking Arabic at the Arabeya Institute. Aya is an excellent, patient professor and teaches Arabic effectively.
This has been a wonderful experience.
Shukran Aya!!!

Very Motivating
I really enjoyed taking classes (private lessons ECA and MSA) in this school. Before I had studied MSA in University but faced the difficulty of communicating and expressing myself well. After 45h in ECA and some refreshment in MSA I feel much more comfortable in speaking and understanding. For all students of Arabic language I can only encourage you taking lessons here because this is really helpful (especially after the discovery that MSA doesn't help a lot if travelling throughout Arabic countries). And it is very motivating studying here and improvements in speaking arabic can be achieved quickly.

Arabeya Association is the best school ever

Thank you!
My 20 hours intensive lessons in ECA have finally helped to 'switch' from MSA to ECA - thanks to all the Arabeya staff I've had one of my 'lifetime experiences' during this week and thanks to the well organized and structured lessons I've learnt the most within shortest time. Thank you Hasnaa - thank you Hager!
I've been living in Egypt for years now. For me it was such a pleasure and great experience to see that there is such an ambitious, hard-working, well-educated, professional and diligent young generation of Egyptians! My deepest respect!
I'll be back - insh'Allah....
Carmen (Mandil

you are always accomdate
you are
always accomdate my needs and requests no matter how short notice of
my trip, thank you so much for your understanding and services, I will
come back to study in the near future, Inshalla! hinako
My teacher is highly educated and with good character,
always made me at ease and the way she teachs which suggests me how to
study the language.

Angelique Petropouleas:
This was a great experience. I did not imagine I could learn so much in such a short time. Thank you!

Opinion of the school
Dear people,
to be in this school was a pleasure and i would like to come again for my next class.
Camillo Vogt

My teacher was very supportive and patient.
My teacher was very supportive and patient. I am really happy with the progress I made in the two weeks. Thank you.

El-Arabeya is unlike any school I've been to in the U.S. with small classes , awesome teachers and relaxing atmosphere. El-Areabeya is a keeper for sure. This is definitely where I would like to continue my Arabic studies .

Nice language school
This is a very nice language school with nice teachers and good atmosphere. I had a one on one class and helped me alot to increase my arabic skills. Everyone who wants to learn proper spoken arabic should come here

I believe this school
I believe this school is perfect for someone to learn Arabic quickly. One must be prepared to work hard but the environment itself is great.

The learning system is impressive! the teachers are energetic and great

Arabya gave us the opportunity to spend nice
Arabya gave us
the opportunity to spend nice, interesting and informative time in
Cairo. The kids were able to learn in 7 days much more than they would
have learnt in months somewhere else.
Thank you
Aya is a
dedicated teacher and has good knowledge in working with kids - very
important and appreciated. She is nice and careful.
Some times she could be more patient.

Very friendly and supportive

I have really enjoyed my few weeks
I would recommend the school to anyone who wants to learn Arabic

I was very impressed with my experience at 4 u and would strongly recommend the school to others interested in studying Arabic in Cairo. I have been in and out of various Arabic language programs since 2004 and have studied with a wide range of teachers from top universities in America and the U.S department of state's foreign serine institute. Of the more than 20 teachers with whom I have studied, Manal ranks among the absolute best of them. I wish that I would have had more time to study with her as I'm sure that I would have continued to benefit greatly from her instruction. Manal 's ability to keep conversation going and keep me interested in the subject matter even when I would have otherwise disengaged . There was never a dull moment. I feel that my conversational skills improved a lot. I have absolutely no complaints about the class, but would have appreciated a more regular schedule like 3 hours each day. I was very impressed with my experience at 4U and would strongly recommend the school to others interested in studying Arabic in Cairo.

4 u Arabic school is an excellent school, but what truly makes it good are the teacher. This is my second time here and I have had a wonderful experience. Having Sally as my teacher has really improved my Arabic further than any other Arabic teacher I have had ever the past 3 years of studying Arabic. She has a unique ability to make class fun but substantive at the same time.

The school is suitable, the teachers qualified, but I would have liked to have more active teachers that make class more engaging. Despite being one-on-one I didnt feel I was really getting the best out of my teacher.

Rania was an excellent teacher.

The Perfect Environment
Studying at Arabeya has been such an incredible experience. The one-to-one courses have really helped me to learn at my own pace and to learn about the topics and speech styles that I want to focus on. This is truly the best language school that I have ever studied at.

The school has good teachers

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arabeya School! :D
Thank You, Arabeya. Thank You to my Teachers Hassna and Moshira. Thank you for taking a Beginner like me and helping me to find my way in this wonderfully complex and beautiful language. I certainly have progressed in many ways, developing a better ear and now even writing and reading in Arabic.

This is my fourth time coming to the Arabeya Institute and I always feel that I have learned so much with each visit. This is the perfect school for learning Arabic.

Arabeya is an amazing program at an affordable price! I honestly couldn't have asked for better teachers. All my teachers were professional and enthusiastic. My one-on-one courses were particularly good because the teachers were able to tailor the course according to my needs. I highly recommend this school!

The school is great
The school is great and the staff is great. I have had a wonderful experience overall. I'm glad I chose this

My short stay at Arabeya has been very helpful
Arabeya has been very helpful - have been pleased with the teaching, the communication and the environment at the school. Would certainly recommend.

The school was great overall
I spent 6 weeks studying at Arabeya and was extremely happy with my teachers and with the school. I started as a complete beginner and when I left I had a good base in ECA and am able to have conversations in Arabic! Thanks so much for your great teaching!

The school is really great
Rania is an incredible teacher who constantly keeps her students focused and ensures that they are able to learn to the fullest of their abilities.

I really do recommend the school and if I come back to Cairo I will defenetly take more arabic lessons at Arabeya Language School!
Israa is a perfect teacher. She knows exactly how to deal with students and how to teach a new language. She is a very funny and open minded person and she always takes her time when she is explaining something to you. I felt never ashamed of doing mistakes or ask her about topics more than ones. I perfectly understood the grammar topics and she helped me a lot with my writing. I loved to talk and learn with her a lot!

The school accommodation is great and very close to school.

Esraa is really good in explaining things and has lots of patient. Furthermore she is open to discussing whatever I might wanna discuss, for example certain topics or certain grammar

I had my first arabic lessons with Doaa and I was so happy about the way she is explaining this difficult language. She is very friendly and we were laughing a lot. But I also appreciate the structured style of teaching. So its very easy to follow. I felt so comfortable and I was never afraid of making mistakes.


I had an unforgettable time at Arabeya. We stayed in the appartment close to the school (Mohandiseen), so every morning we only had a short walk to go to class. I studied ECA and the teacher was very good, and freindly, and patient, too. I love Egypt and I long to speak the language. When not art school we went to the Al Azhar Partk, Khan-el-Khalily, Tahrir, downtown also, or we just studied at home. We also went to the White Desert and the Red Sea. A good mix of study and pleasure.

After my return home I took online lessons, which also are very good. Again a patient teacher (which I need, for the language is difficult), and learning a lot. I sure hope to go to Arabeya again soon, inshallah next year!

Thank you for teaching me Egyptian Arabic. I enjoyed learning Egyptian Arabic at Arabeya language school.It is the awsome and nice experience for me to school Arabeya and stay in Cairo. All of the Arabeya staff are very kind for me. In adittion, the acomodation was comfotable and useful. So,I was able to focus on studying Arabic. My arabic skill has been more improved than before. I deeply appreciate Arabeya.Learning arabic is generally thoght to be defficult for non-native speakers.Yet,thanks to Arabeya I have realized that practicing Arabic produces wonderful, enjoyable and imprresive experience. Why dont you leran arabic? I will continue to do it.Thanks.

Thank you for an amazing month ! I really fell in love with everything about this school. Everyone was just amazing. I will definitely come back soon

Great lessons in the center of cairo
I visited the courses of the school for six months. I always was really satisfied. The teachers were motivated, polite and very helpful. I learned a lot and we spoke about a lot of interesting topics. So thank you very much for all efforts and help.

Arabeya is a small, easygoing school.
I enjoyed my time here a lot, the teachers that I had were great!
The way of teaching was exact the way I liked it, beside that the only - thing is that the schedule can change a lot.
Beside the teachers there are also more people working in the school like the office lady and receptionist. Very kind people that are working here and will always help you in case anything happens.

Everything is good. Thanks a lot
I feel better and better everyday thanks to Arabeya

Learning Arabic was more difficult than I thought , especially because we covered so much material in a small amount of time. But I'm really glad I could take what I learned in class and apply it to the streets of Cairo. The only thing I'm worried about now is not knowing enough introductory Arabic for standard Arabic since I will be talking standard Arabic 2 next semester. Overall I'm really happy with this class , this school and my bubbly teacher Hassnaa. And I will definitely continue with Arabic for as long as I can.

Revision Lessons
I had a fantastic time improving my Arabic before my final university exams. All staff were very helpful and were happy to speak Fusha with me. They were happy to follow my own plans.
The attached accommodation is very good and very close to the school in Mohandaseen. It is however a little expensive for the area, so I would recommend staying somewhere else, if you attend for the long term (more than a month say).
Excellent all round!


The classes at this school gave me a focused and more personalized experience than any other language class I have taken in the past. My teacher was very helpful and her energy helped and encouraged us. The supplementary booklet and the review sheet reinforced the lessons as well as the homework that was assigned. I wish I was continuing my lesson here because I'm sure I would learn a lot as compared to anywhere else. My only complaint is that my program was only for a month. I wish the program was longer so I could learn even more Arabic and converse more with people around me. Thanks for everything.

I spent about a year studying at the school's Mohandiseen branch before leaving Egypt, and after really enjoying my time there and benefiting hugely from the lessons I decided to carry on taking lessons online.
Despite not liking technology a lot I found taking lessons over skype really simple and the School was very flexible and helpful in organizing lessons for me. Like face to face lessons, lessons over skype have been great for furthering my study of Arabic. I have taken lessons with many different teachers up until now and I have not been disappointed yet. They are all highly skilled, they understand my specific set of needs for bettering my Arabic, and the lessons are interesting as well as informative.
I would reccomend any student of Arabic to take lessons online with the school. Textbooks and listening to Arabic news channels is not enough, talking to a native speaker is essential.

The school is really good , i would recommend it 100 Prozent. The teaching methods are good for studying arabic and the one to one lessons are very useful. the atmosphere im school is relaxed and comfortable and all the employees are kind, nice and open.
only remark: little bit too expensive for students, who have to pay that on their own in general.

I think the small intimate atmosphere of the school makes it the perfect place to learn Arabic. The teachers are all very good at teaching and also kind and respectful to the students. They were both our friends and teachers at the same time. I will definitely consider coming back and taking more Arabic classes here in the future. Thank you for everything! Shukran gazeelan!! 

An enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere with good teachers. A great environment to learn Arabic. I am looking forward to resuming soon.

I came to Arabeya for two reasons: to review the grammar I had learned at ILI from MSA 1 to 4 ; to unlock the language in my head ; start speaking it . Both objectives were met : I thought the speaking could impossible but even on the first day Hasnaa had me speaking for a whole hour !
Hasnaa’s openness and friendliness meant there were no barriers from her side and language learning was easy and fun .
What I liked best was how she explained things so simply while the other school samed to complicate things.
Thank you!

I really liked learning with arabeya language school because of the teaching style it offers. I liked that there is one teacher assigned to each student so the teacher is able to get a feeling for the student's individual strengths and weaknesses. It is important to feel comfortable to a person in order to be open to speak and by the way of arabeya school this goal is certainly achieved, especially because the teachers are open to talk about anything. Besides that, the organization of the school is excellent, there has never been a communication issue or anything like that. All in all I am very happy with my learning experience with arabeya.

Wonderful all round experience
I had a wonderful experience at Arabeya school. The administration is well organized, friendly and obliging. My teacher, Nour, is always friendly, enthusiastic, well prepared, and kind, with many fun and productive ideas for the classes. She also has a natural gift at explaining everything very clearly and well, and is patient enough to keep explaining until you get it. I would always look forward to lessons and get a lot out of them, both for 3mia and fus7a. All the teachers in the school are incredibly friendly and there is a really lovely friendly feel at the school, and I have frequently eaten food whilst chatting Arabic with all the teachers here after lessons. I would thoroughly recommend the school, and indeed already have done so to friends here in Cairo, who are now also very happy at Arabeya.

Hassnaa is very kind , patient and knowledgeable. she makes the whole class laugh and we have a lot of fun while learning. I wish it was longer so I could keep learning with her

I am very satisfied with the school. The teaching has been of a high quality and the prices are reasonable. I have no criticisim to make

I enjoed the atmosphare at your school your teachers are really friendly. The shedule for your students is so flexible and that suits me really well.
Just the situation on the accomodation were a little bit frustrating in me first week. I felt uncomfortable in the lower appartment and if I had known earlier that there is still a bed in the upper appartment, my first week would had been as good as my second week was.
Please be sure, that I really had a good time, I enjoed learning arabic in a way i never did in germany. It was a pleasure to be her and I had great time.

I have learned so much from this school when I first arrived in Egypt I didn’t know one word of Arabic after a month in Aya’s class I am now able to communicate with people on the street, order in a restaurant, etc. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to return to Arabeya this summer

I liked the school a lot, its clean and everyone who is working here is nice and friendly. i liked the lessons a lot, because you go out in the streets and can use everything what you just learned. i can recommand the school for everyone who wants to learn spoken arabic.

The teacher and the staff at the language center are all extremely committed, welcoming and accomplished at their jobs, which helps, create a fantastic environment community to study in.

Sehr zentral gelegen, daher bezueglich der Unterkunft recht grosse Flexibilitaet. Viele Cafes in der Naehe, gute Anbindung. Wala, die Office Managerin , ist eine wahre gute Seele. Jederzeit hilfreich, freundlich und unterstuetzend. Dasselbe gilt fuer Hameed, den Leiter, der Schule. Man versucht, das Programm nach den Wuenschen der Studenten masszuschneidern. Bei den beiden fuehlt man sich in guten Haenden.

I enjoyed my month with the Arabeya Association. Under the careful guidance of my teacher I learned to read with more comfort. Sometimes I even enjoyed reading- a feat I never imagined possible. Aside from the acadmic benefits, I was moved by the warmth of the school's staff. Few things in life have been as enjoyable as having a cup of Nescafe with Hala, who was like a sister to me. Indeed, even my teacher, Shrouk, became a friend and sister to me.

Arabeya is a fantastic language school from the moment I was collected at the airport I was well looked after, and the school was extremely organized in every action. My teachers, Nour and Hasnaa were super and as well as being excellent teachers were friendly.
I very much enjoyed my time here and I would use the school again!

I enjoyed learning Arabic with hassnaa , she is very patient and always eager here to help .
The school is in a good location. Classes are not quite comfortable for large numbers of students some didn't have a desk .
Overall , great school and very amiable atmosphere .

If I could, I would stay for a much longer...
If I coul, I would stay for much longer...My stay at the Arabeya Language Institute was nothing short of perfect. I learned a lot, saw a lot and made amazing friends here in Egypt. I greatly recommend the school for its professionality, atmosphere and forthcoming way of treating its students.Starting with the first e-mail communications, transport from the airport and arrival at the flat, everything worked out splendidly and I always felt well taken care of. The accomodations are appropriate and in a comfortable walking distance to the school. And even catastrophese like the washing machine breaking down were taken care of without any trouble within two days.The staff is amazingly warm-hearted and highly competent. I feel that students and teachers are well-matched to each other and that the teaching methods are uniquely adapted to the students needs and abilities. I came here with only a passive grasp of Arabic, but can hold fluent (if quite simple) conversations. A large part of that is due to the great schedule the school worked out for me.Most people I met here became more like friends than teachers and I hope to see them again either here in Egypt or anywhere in the world. I strongly encourage any and all prospective students to sign up at the school and enjoy a great stay here in Egypt & a fabulous learning opportunity for Arabic.


All good, thank you
I really like Rania's class and I think she
is a great teacher.

Overall, I enjoyed learning Arabic at the school. The teachers and staff are very helpful and eager to help. Th materials provided by the school (such as the study guide) were very useful as well. The only thing that I didn’t like was that some classes did not give all students a desk. The pace of the lessons and the lessons themselves were fantastic and definitely informative.
I also really liked tea 

I really enjoyed my time in the 4 u institute. I learned so much about the Egyptian culture, the religion and of course of the language. Fatima, my teacher was great, she could teach appropriately to anybody's questions and needs. To all students of the Arabic language I can recommend a stay in 4 u institute where I've meet some of the nicest people in my life.

Friendly staff and teachers - Small size. Excellent teacher.- The test/exam. I did not feel this was very useful for me.
Rania is an excellent teacher. Used a variety of teaching techniques and was very patient.

I really enjoyed learning Arabic and I am happy with all the knowledge I have learned in such a short amount of time. Though complicated at first , Arabic has become somewhat easier to learn and has helped with my communication while in Egypt .Thanks to the Arabeya school , I am now interested in learning more Arabic when I get back home to Newyork . Thank you hassnaa and Arabeya school.
Shokran owy !

It was a great experience learning Arabic at 4 u Arabic school . Before coming I couldn't even read the characters properly but after only two weeks of intensive classes I am able to determine complex grammar structures and translate long sentence. It was a great atmosphere with all teachers and students and for sure I want to come back.

I've had a wonderful experience at Arabeya. The list of superlatives is endless, and at the risk of sounding like an Arabeya marketing agent, I'll keep it short. This experience has transformed my approach to language acquisition. In two short weeks, I have been exposed to an incredibly broad range of new lexis, and finally got my head around many of the grammar rules I was struggling with. I feel my conversational skills have jumped up a level and so to my confidence.
I met many interesting people who, like me, are on this journey to learn Arabic. I have had the privilege of studying with three excellent teachers. Cairo is quite simply an enchanting city, which if you haven't visited, you really should.
My only regret is not coming here when I first decided it was probably best that I register for an intensive language course somewhere in the Middle East (which was back in 2009).

I really enjoyed this class. I learned the alphabet and how to read and write. I just would have liked to learn more vocab and speaking so I would be able to ask for order something in Arabic instead of English. We could have talked about shopping or food, or anything to improve our sentences and speaking other than that. Aya was a great teacher. I learned a lot in a short amount of time

I liked the school. The stuff was very nice and polite and helped me with every thing I needed. They were very flexible and respected my wishes. I can recommend others to study there. Many thanks!

The Arabeya Association is full of warm , energetic and skilled teachers. They are able to meet the needs of each individual based on skill level . I enjoyed working with them and only wish I could have studied with them longer !

I am really enjoying my experience with Arabeya.
I have
thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arabeya in Cairo. Since the day I
arrived, all of the staff have been very kind and welcoming - making
me feel at home in a new city.
The teachers are highly skilled, and I saw a huge improvement in my
speaking, writing and comprehension within only a few weeks. My time
at Arabeya has inspired me to keep learning Arabic, and I hope I will
return to the school in future.

very enthusiastic,well prepared, great educational skills.

Great opportunity to improve language skills

This is my second time I have been to the mohandiseen branch of Arabeya School. All the staff are very freindly and kind and the overall atmosphere of the school is very welcoming . In the ECA lessons I have been taking the teachers seen genuiely interested in your opinions which makes for a lively disccussion . One on one lessons mean that the lessons will be at exactly the right level . I have really enjoyed my time at thew school the lesson were both useful and alot of fun.

Study Arabic

In this one month I learned more than in one semester at the university. I could progress with my vocabulary in different thematic fields. The teachers used my MSA background for the teaching me ECA in a well structured way. The atmosphere in the class was fantastic and I shall miss the yallaing.

I hope to be back next year to continue with my studies.

I feel very satisfied with my time at Arabeya. Everyone on the staff was always extremely friendly and helpful. In addition, I found the classes to be very good as well. They were flexible in enabling me to learn what I wanted, both in choosing what to study and then how those lessons proceeded on a day to day basis. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Arabeya.

Staying and studying here at al arabeya has been a huge step forward both academically and personally. Hela is a very competent and professional teacher who has shown a lot of patience and good will and motivation. "Customer service" and organization was really caring and I felt welcome at all times. Shukran.

the school turns out to be way better than I expected
The price is cheaper compared to other schools (still too much for me though),so I was kind of worried about the quality of the teachers & accommodations but they were just prefect
I was concerned about the security issues in Egypt too especially because some demonstrations were going on
I expected to see chaotic situations & was even ready to be mussed on the street but it is really safe to stay here ,which is super cool
Everything was great & went just perfectly, Thank you

its the first time that i come to egipt and its amazing.

About the academy, i want more. There are good teachers and always have a smile. All people in the academy nice and friendly. its a good experience and i learn more arabic

A school with very friendly and professional staff. It was my second stay here and I will come back.

I was very happy for my time at arabeya, and I felt that I progressed very fast with my individual class. The school specializes in individual teaching which makes them very skilled in this field.

The school is really professional and well organized. The small groups and flexibility of creating the program according to individual needs of the students are great.I really enjoyed my stay in Arabeya and learned a lot in a very short time!

Watashi ga arabeya ni kayouyouninatta noha onajidaigaku no tomodachi ni susumeraretakara desu. Hajimete arabeya no gakkou he kitatoki senseitachi ga onnanohitobakaride odorokimashita. arabeya deha senesi no oshiekata mo taikeiteki de, mata onna no sensei nanode jibun no seikatsu no kotonitsuitemo hanashiyasuku, maikai no jyugyou ga totemo tanoshikatta desu. Watashi ha fos7a no jyugyou to 3ammiya no jyugyou wo saisho ha ichido ni ryouhou ukeyoutoshimashita ga, dandan mazete tsukatteshimatteiru kotoni kizuki, toriaezu 3ammiya no jyugyou dakewo ukerukoto ni shimashita. Arabeya deha jibun no level ni awasete, mata jibun no kibou ni awasete jyugyou ga torerunomo ookina miryoku no hitotsu dato omoimasu. Mata uketsukeno kata mo ochakumi no katatachimo minna totemo shinsetsu de friendly de arabeya ha totemo huniki no ii gakkou dato omoimashita. Watashi ha kokodeno benkyou wo oete mou jibun no kuni he kaerukotoni narimashitaga mata egypt ni kurutoki ha mata kokode benkyou dekitara iina to omotteimasu. Arabeya no minasan imamade arigatou gozaimashita!! :)

Great Arabic School

I was a first time student at Arabeyya from 2011 to 2012. All teachers are very nice, and will help with anything that you need. I was lucky to have three teachers of Arabeyya whom were all very well prepared with various teaching approaches. They all made their sessions fun and enjoyable. Would highly recommend over other Arabic schools of Cairo! When i can travel to the middle east outside the job i will certainly contact Arabeyya.
درست في المَدرسَة اللغة العربية لمدة علم واحد في سنِة ٢٠١١ - ٢٠١٢
كل مُدرسَات المَدرسَة العَرَبِيَة مُدرسات جيدون و مُساعدون
سوف أرجوَ و أدرُسِ

My opinion on Arabeya
The school is very good and well organized with dedicated teachers.

Arabeya Language School is very central located at Tharirsquare in down town of Cairo. Not only the teachers are looking after the students very carefully but also a secretary and a servant are doing their very best to make the students stay as convenient as possible. The teachers are very well educated. Unfortunately the tables in the private lessons are horribly uncomfortabel especially for tall people.

Just to stay that I had a good time in Arabeya. I went to learn Arabic Fusha and I learn a lot. Thank you very muchCool

Even if I stayed for a short time at this language school, the teaching was efficient enough to give me a very good communication basis. The working team is very nice and friendly, which makes you feel almost at home in this cosy flat located in Tahrir Square. If I get the chance to do it, no doubt that I would come back to this school to deepen my learning, and I strongly recommand it to any person interested in learning Arabic (MSA or ECA) in the incredible Cairo city. Thank you so much, to my teachers and to all the working team of Tahrir branch of Arabeya.

Very good one to one classes
Arabeya has very good one to one classes. The teachers are every carrying and helpful. I sometimes had problems with the planning of my classes, because the teachers canceled several times on the same day, which sometimes were frustrating. But all in all a very good school.

Learning at Arabeya Association
I really enjoyed the days of study in Arabeya Association. I liked the private lesson very much because the teacher could adjust the level of lessons to my ability. I want come back again soon.

Diese Schule ist wirklich empfehlenswert. Ich hatte eine sehr gute Zeit hier und wurde sehr nett empfangen. Aenderungswuenschen jeglicher Art wird sehr entgegenkommend entsprochen und man achtet sehr darauf, dass die Schueler sich wohl fuehlen! Ein Hoch auf Arabeya

With my teachers I had a lot of very interesting discussions about life in Egypt and the lessons always went by very quickly. They let me speak a lot and so I could really practice my arabic and learn a lot.
The whole staff and the teachers were always very friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed my time with Arabeya.

Great Experience
I was studying arabic for 2 1/2 months in this school, and I really had an amazing time.
All the staff is very friendly, kind, and helpful. I can only recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn arabic in Cairo. The teachers are all great. I had one-to-one class and small group class, and every time it was a pleasur for me to come to the school. I had a lot of fun, and after almost 3 months, I am really happy of my level in arabic.
Thank you to all of you for this unforgettable experience with you.

Great school to pick up basic Arabic
I spent an intense 30 hours course (over 6 days) here and learned reading, writing and talking basic Arabic. Totally recommend it. Young students and teachers.

I warmly recommend Arabeya's one-to-one Arabic classes with their highly engaged teachers.

The school was very professional yet also accommodating and flexible to the needs of our groups. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning Arabic

Thank you for lesson to me arabic .
My teacher is kind who is good teacher.
I think this school is best of the egypt. If my friends want to take lesson arabic in egypt, I recomend this school.

Very nice school
I already went twice to the school because I liked it so much during the first time. I spent one month in 2012 and one month in 2013 and I learned a lot. The teachers are all very nice and flexible and adapt to you. The accommodation is convenient just next to school. I hope I can come back a third time soon! I miss you all!

I studied at Arabeya for 4 weeks and I have to say that it was the best decision to study here.
I am very satisfied with the school and the teaching. I came here not being able to speak at all and after just 100 hours of one-to-one teaching I am able to tell stories and communicate in Modern Standard Arabic. The lessons were very enjoyable and time always passed very quickly because I enjoyed too much. Me and my teacher laughed a lot in the lessons and she often picked texts according to my interests. I received very useful handouts and the grammar lessons helped me to know the foundation of the language. I surely recommend this school because everything is so organized and the teachers are very flexible with the students wishes.

classes at arabeyaschool

very nice. everyone who likes to progress in the arabian language that is the school you need. the whole stuff is very friendly and professional. i really have had a good time the two weeks. thanks and i hope i will find my way back to new lessons soon.

I spent 2 weeks in Arabeya for MSA courses and i would
say that it will remain a very nice and great memory.
All the staff here is ready to help and is welcoming.
Highly recommended !!!!!

I liked the school very much

I liked the school very much. It has been exceptionally useful for me.

The two weeks of study have efficiently helped me regain some of my arabic proficiency.

The classes are fun and useful
I'm delighted with my online classes. The only trouble is the Skype connection which often cuts, especially at the beginning of classes.

Carisse Boneardo:

I had a very positive experience with this school. I came to Egypt knowing no Arabic and now I can effectively communicate my point, however simple to people in Cairo.
Aya took the time to explain concepts and make difficult points easier to understand. I felt very welcome in the school and it was easy to express my confusion or any misinterpretations that I may have had

This school is a very good school.The teachers are very good.They are very competent and can explain complicated things very well.You can choose, if you want to focus on grammar, conservations etc..

I really enjoyed my experience with Arabeya and although I could only spend a short time here, I believe my knowledge of the Arabic language has increased a lot. For this reason, I would like to thank all the people working at the school.

I really enjoyed my experience with Arabeya and although I could only spend a short time here, I believe my knowledge of the Arabic language has increased a lot. For this reason, I would like to thank all the people working at the school.

Nice location from my apartment and well organized service gave me great thinking as I feel like come here to study next time again and also there were a lot of great teachers one to the junior friend of mine studying Arabic at my university as well wants to come to study Arabic at the school, As I came back to Japan, I am going to recommend the school to him to come next year. Really nice school!
However my apartment has really poor facility and furniture so you should equip some things new such as lights and washing machine.
At last I have to say the school, Thank you very much.

The school is very flexible and considers your wishes. there is a good atmosphere at the school, people are very friendly and welcoming.

Very nice teacher and people around
The place could be difficult to locate without preparation
It has been exactly what I wanted,this way of learning that we chose together with the teacher .We did not last any time.
Teacher very patient.
I thanks her for that.

very organized and work professionally
I have been very pleased to attend classes at Arabeya in Muhandiseen. The staff are always smiling, welcoming and eager to help out. It is a lovely place to be and they are very organized and work professionally!

Recomendamos Arabeya School por su profesionalidad y su flexibilidad ante nuestras peticiones. El alojamiento es fenomenal
We are very happy about Arabeya

I am very glad to be a student at a school which takes one –on-one class seriously. these sorts as lessons can be too casual sometimes , but Arabeya treats them as a valuable of language instruction . the price is also a mere reasonable than any school I have seen . I am very grateful to be a student here.

I was in general very satisfied with the school. The rooms were all very clean and for Cairo the area was also really quiet. The stuff was very friendly and even provided you with coffee and tea. The lessons were very structured and the learning plan was very individual. The teacher I had had great expertise and leaded the class excellent. All in all I was really happy with my time here and can just suggest this school for other students!

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my teacher, Ms.Rehab.

Before the class, I did not get used to the pronunciation and some specific rules of ECA.
However, Ms. Rehab always kindly tried to make my study enjoyable. I feel I was able to overcome some biggest weak points I had in ECA.

Ms. Rehab also helped me in the class of MSA. She always encouraged me to have a confidence and provided new, useful, and sophisticated expressions. Through the reading and discussion, I was able to not only to extend the comprehensive skills of MSA, but also deepen the understanding about Arabic culture.

In addition, I loved the warm atmosphere of this school.

I would like to thank all the teachers and staffs here.

The school provided what I was looking for

Coming everyday for a month to learn this rather difficult language was a pleasure. I especially appreciated being in the small group (2 people) for the first 2 weeks, which I found was the best option to learn.

I enjoyed my time at Arabeya a lot and will recommend it to my fellow Arabic students back home. The school has a strong team of professors and strives to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Long live Arabeya

Finally satisfied as the teachers are well-dispositive and extremely patient as well as punctual. I like them personally and enjoy the lesson.
I would like to see more interactive lessons using different learning techniques brought in, I have had to bring some suggestions in myself which have seen accepted in success. I do not like the book as it is annoying and confusing, it full of mistakes I would prefer different material.
Outside of the book and seeing are varied lessons. I am satisfied.
Oh, the instructors need to be stricter about their students speaking too much English. I do this too much; I need to get wheeled for it.

Wonderful school, would recommend to everyone.

I am sooo happy that I found this school. It was a lot better than expected and the teachers and accomodation were to a very high standard. The transfer from the airport was very reliable and I can't say a bad word about the school. I had a brilliant time and will be coming back. Thankyou veryyy much :)

good school!!
I arrived at Ezipt. and next day visited this school. Started at lesson in next day!!
very quick school start. Thank you arrange my schedule. Here is very good school!!

Very nice, welcoming and respectful people.
Thank you so much for these two weeks. I was able to improve quite fast while having a good time when I was in class. This experience surely gives reasons to continue learning arabic intensively and to come back to Egypt and Arabeya,

Studying Arabic in Egypt is a bless. Being immersed in the environment where Arabic is spoke allows for rapid improvement. The classes are relative structured and progresses at a convenient pace. I hope to make time from other obligations in future to study in Cairo with my instructors one more time.

I did a five week course focusing on Media Arabic \ Translation English-Arabic, Arabic-English with Israa which left almost nothing to be desired: The teacher was very motivated and eager to meet my interests during the whole course, and was able to stay focused, friendly and energetic at all times. There were actually only two only drawbacks, one was that we changed to English too often, but that was partly my fault, because I didn't insist, and partly a consequence of the subject, i.e. translation. The other problem I met with was that my teacher would change to Amiya when the discussion got animated (what I don't study or speak). Still, that are really minor points in comparison to the excellent teaching I enjoyed during my stay here.

A great school with brilliant teachers.

كانت مدتي مدة قصيرة ولكنها مفيدة جدا جدا جدا
خصوصا دروس الأستاذة حسناء ممتعة ونافعة
قد علمتني قراءة القصص واستماعها
وأيضا أشارت إلى ما هي نقطي الضعيفة بشكل واضح
أريد أن أرجع إلى عربية مرة أخرى في الصيف القادم
وأن أدرس عند الأستاذة حسناء

Nice place, a swimming pool would be perfect
Very nice experience, chokran jezilan

Fantastic flexibility and control over your course of study. A top match program with patient and helpful instructors. I can honestly recommend Arabeya to anyone looking to study both Fusha(MSA) and 3amiya (ECA) in Cairo!

The staff members are very kind
The staff members are very kind, the classrooms are comfortable, the school is clean and I have nothing to complain about the school, the teacher or the members of the staff.
The feedback is ABSOLUTELY not easy to send because of technical stuff.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience studying at Arabeya. It was an incredible experience for me to realize that I could navigate the country and put my skills to use. The exposure to the rich history and culture of Egypt is unparalleled in comparison to other Arab countries that I have visited. The students from my university also enjoyed and benefited from their study experience as well. I would highly recommend this program

I am very happy about the school! Good teaching structure (all skills were trained, e.g. speaking, listening, reading, grammar, ...) and very flexible with schedules. Over all a very good experience!

The staff was very friendly and put together a schedule that fit my needs. In the middle of the program I decided to change my schedule and do some Colloquial Arabic as well, which was no problem as well.

في اليابان عدد المدارس قليل جدا ليس من الممكن أن ندرس الللغة العربية و نتحدث باللغة العربية .لذلك ليستهناك فرصة لدراسة اللغة العربية و لكن في هذه المدرسة من الممكن أن ندرس اللغة العربية و نتحدث بهذة اللغة أكثر
ثانيا في اليابان معظم الناس يهتمون بالقواعد و القراءة فقط في أي لغة عادة

لذلك لا نستطيع أن نتحدث بأي لغة مع الأسف .بالعكس في هذه المدرسة من الممكن أن نتحدث بالللغة العربية كثيرا .هذا الأمر جيد جدا بالنسبة لنا.

Arabeya language is a very accommodating institute. Very good teachers who ensure the students are happy and adapt the lessons to suit their needs.
A lovely friendly environment with good organization.
A lovely friendly place. A chance for people to see and spend time with orphans was a lovely experience.
Constrictive criticism perhaps give volunteers a role (Job) to do while they are there live them a responsibility.

Really good surprised about the good level and good “doing” of the school.
Especially because I find teachers, school, rules and work but also a family.

The school has great teachers. They are all
The school has great teachers. They are all
very friendly and funny which creates a unique atmosphere. Moreover,
they are very creative in their teaching method and encourages the
students to study more. After joining this school, I feel more
confident and motivated to continue my Arabic studies. I also feel
that I have progressed a lot in a very short time.

Such a perfect school
I have just completed a 4 week course in ECA and I am very grateful to all the staff. Everybody was so professional and with great human values. I will come back inshallah.

I was very impressed and satisfied with my time at Arebeya. The staff are very dedicated, thorough and consistent with their instruction. It should be noted too that I had visited other schools in the city seeking arabic lessons and didn't find any other structure to compare with what Arebeya had to offer.

This is a GREAT school and I'm really happy I found it. I will definitely come back in the future. The two teachers I came in contact with (I had one on one classes) were both great! A real asset to the school!
The lessons were well planned, I was given homework and it was checked up on (or we did them quickly together on the few occasions I had left some part undone because of too much sightseeing the previous day). The teachers both had an amazing patience and they were very friendly and made me feel comfortable at all times. We also had a lot of fun and there wasn't a single dull moment during class.
Everyone I came in contact with at the school (i.e. not only the teachers) were very friendly and they speak good English.
The school has a good wifi connection and you can have coffee and tea during the breaks.

school is very flexible in meeting the demands of students and the
teachers are well qualified and communicate clearly

A language immersion program like none other, offering a perfect bland of classroom learning, self exploration and discovery, and eager to show us the true nature of Cairo and its inhabitants truly, My friends and I learned more in a week than we did over an entire semester a tour University in America. This program is the real deal

My experience at Arabeya Arabic School was really above my expectations. Indeed, the school provided me with a tailor-made program, a very competent and friendly staff, and took care of my accommodation in Cairo. Moreover, the teachers are highly motivated and qualified, and thanks to them I made qualitative progress in Arabic. I would highly recommend this school to any students who want to learn Arabic in an efficient and pleasant way.

I am glad I came here to study Arabic. It was a really good time and I learned a lot. Inshalla, I will come here again! Alf shukr!

أنا بحب مدرسة عربية علشان أنا درست مع معلمة كويسة و عندنا Event كتير
ازاي عيد و شم النسيم كده :)
أنا عايزة أدرس هنا مرة تانية إن شاء الله

really excellent teachers who work hard to let you understand even complex idea! A lot of fun. The teacher’s English was excellent and the school provided good value for money. The extra few minutes spent on ECA is addition the mostly MSA classes were very useful. All in all a great Arabic school and good value for money compared to my offer Arabic school.

I have spent 3 wonderful weeks at Arabic 4 you school. I have appreciated very much the one to one system. The atmosphere at the school has been very good and I have felt very integrated among the school stuff. My teacher has been excellent, she first asked about my goals and evaluated my weakness and worked accordingly. I would recommend the school to every body.

Every body here is very kind. I think I spend a good time here, In addition to there's very good atmosphere. I will recommend this school to all my friends.

I enjoyed the time at Arabeya. I would recommend the school to anyone visiting Cairo for a longer time to get to know the basics of the beautiful language. It have made my time in Cairo a lot more interesting and enjoyable. The atmosphere at the school is fun and comfortable and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I am surely coming back next time.

in the last weeks I was able to learn a lot. Though there might be ways to make the teaching more efficient by giving it more structure and getting rid of the problem of loose papers . many institutions also include more games in their games in their teaching techniques in order to make it easier for students to remember vocab . the teachers are very friendly and helpful

Very professional school and with friendly staff,

thank you.

This was my second both going too the school and staying in the accomodation in mohandeseen. Alone the fact that I came back should tell that I'm overall satisfied. Everybody workingh at the school is very kind and very helpful. The ones of the teacher I have expierence have been very competent and I have no major complaint about the education. The appartment I stayed in is very nice. Don't expect luxury, but It has what you need and was was clean when I arrived. Whenever something is out of order, staff is very quick to fix it if only you let them know. Mohandeseen it self is also a nice neighborhood. There not nearly as many tourist as downtown, which also means people teat you more as a regalur human being. I give this school my warmest recommendations, and I look forward to coming again to continue my arabic studies at the soonest possible chance.

I'm following the Arabic lessons online and I'm very satisfied. My teacher is attentive and always available, prompt and friendly. This allows me to practice the language from afar, from home: with a little baby that is perfect!

The school is organised and flexible. I would strongly recommend Arabeya school for all students that interest to learn Arabic.

My experience here

I have studied here for three weeks with very good teachers and I already could feel the progress after this short time. The teachers here are open-minded and they know how to adapt to your needs and wishes . During the class I studied both oral and written and by doing so I have been able to improve my skills for various kinds of situations.

Really helpful, will definitely come back (I may need more help on dissertation work and my teacher helped me a lot with this)

I`m so glad to study arabic here.teachers are all ind and school good.I hope to study here again

nothing comes to my mind
everything is really good. thx alot

fun school

The school is very welcoming and all the teachers try to communicate with you in Arabic and help you improve. They prepare the materials for you according to your level. In a group lesson, it is a little bit problematic if students have a different level of Arabic, so in the future I hope they can divide people more appropriately into groups. The accommodation is very close to the school and there are a lot of shops. It is a little bit run down but I would say it is acceptable.

My time at the
school and in Cairo was short but intensive and I liked it a lot, so I
really hope to come back in the future.
European students might get a cultural shock if they come to this area
in Cairo, but I guess by leaving ones comfort zone one learns most and
the school was an absolutely welcoming place where the student can
relax from any cultural shocks +smile+
The students accommodation was not the best but just fitted in the
area and I liked it a lot. All in all it was amazing and interesting,
I learned a lot and recommend it to everyone who is open to learn
about Cairo or the Arab world and culture.

This is a very good school I have been studying here twice and had two different teachers and both of them have a very high quality of teaching. I will definitely recommend this school to others.

I had a real experience over the last three months learning a lot of fus7a and having fun doing so…thanks for the experience . Great teacher fun experience I have learned a lot so fun looking forward to even more things best of luck in her future . during my 13 week’s study we went to Alazhar park and all of pats 2&3 great great experience

I am globaly satisfied of all my linguistic trip in cairo. The school and teacher was good thanks Marwa for all you teach me duriong one eutire month. My accomodation was correct but expencive compare to the real estate in cairo.
I hope that come back as soon as I can and wish you succes for the future inchallah.
khalid karaz
خالد كراز

El-Arabeyya is a great school which provides for a perfect language experience. The staff and teachers are very friendly, kind and helpful. I appreciated the homely atmosphere and familiarity of the place, as well as its fexibility. In particular, I appreciated the classes with Nour, who is one of the best Arabic teachers I've ever had. I will surely make good publicity for el-Arabeyya in Oxford.

My opinion about the school is good. the teachers explain very well, and I could practice and improve my Arabic language. At the same time I have stayed in the country.

The Best School

The school was one of the best I attended to - lessons were always made to suit demands of the students, and learning was mainly a pleasure. The after class activities let to get to know teachers and other students, what created a more special atmosphere, than in an ordinary language school.

I really enjoyed the classes: usage of different methods (reading, listening and conversation, occasional tests) was helpful to improve my arabic skills. The teachers were very friendly and the location of the school is close to the student's appartment.

I decided to come to here because my friends told me that the teachers in 4u school are very kind and polite .
After I came here,I`m sure about that and the teachers accepted my wish about what I want to do in the lessons .

so although my term was a little ,I could study here grammar,listening ,writing and conversation.

Arabeya was and is an outstanding language center. It’s location is perfect and it’s staff fantastic. The school and teachers are incredibly flexible as to your wants which means it is important to have an idea what you want but they will no doubt offer advice if such following Al-Kitab textbook was perfect for me and offer 90 hrs I had completed 5 chapters, and I am hesitant to call it that, is that 90 hrs in 3 weeks is a tall order that occasionally the school and student can’t keep space will. That said it was never the less amazing. I thoroughly recommend it.

I enjoyed studying at Arabic 4 u. The class is usually excellent. The schedule is flexible; the teachers are kind and humor. Good opportunity to deepen the skills of the language and exchange cultural values with real pleasure.

A professional school that was welcoming of all levels.
A professional school that was welcoming of all levels. I immediately was made to feel welcome and appreciated
the school fitting me in with such short notice. The school feels like a family and every staff member I came into contact with encouraged learning and made you feel comfortable and at home.

Learning Arabic! I was a complete beginner and I found the one on one classes a great way to commence learning
Arabic. The classes were fun which made learning fun - it didn't feel like a chore and I looked forward to attending classes each day. Rehab and Manar are special teachers - they made learning Arabic for me fun and I wish I had of had more time at the school to learn more. Classes were well structured for my
beginner level and both Manar and Rehab were patient with me as I stumbled through pronunciation and reading! I would recommend the school to anyone looking for somewhere to study. I wish I could find another Rehab and Manar in Australia!!! Inshallah I will be back to Cairo one day to continue learning at your

Absolutely fantastic
This school is absolutely fantastic, all from the registration process, the information provided before arrival, to the teaching. The teachers are really devoted to their job, professional, and competent. They adopt to the students without loosing the red thread through the lessons. The amount of Arabic I learned during four weeks is amazing. All staff is very kind and keen to help and assist whatever it might be.Very nice accomodation close to the school and nice environments.

I'm absolutely satisfied
As I usually prefer in-class courses, I was quite sceptical of whether I should try taking Arabic lessons via Skype. However, I feel like I learned a lot throughout these first months and really enjoy my lessons. Especially if you have a tight schedule, Arabeya is extremely flexible in accommodating your needs.

I want to thank the center for the wonderful lessons here in El Mohandeseen. I stayed for two weeks in the accomodation offered by the school. I learned much during this short time. I have been studying Arabic slowly over the last year. The teachers here know how to bring all the knowledge together so that learning is not only fun, but an experience that will help me to further my studies in Arabic. I would like to come back again. The school provided an excellent service by providing me with everything I needed to get by in El Mohandessen. Thank you for making my stay in Egypt an enriched experience!!

I would recommend Arabeya due to its one-to-one tutorial classes which give you the possibility of following your own method in the language as well as the interaction with the teacher. If you acctually to have Hasnaa Hussain as a teacher , you will experience not only the thorough knowledge let she be in the envelope but also in Islamic culture . I have improved a lot in all these fields to this school and my teacher

I took two weeks Arabic course in the school. I got an opportunity to work with different teachers and them all here very friendly and professional. I strongly recommend Arabeya for those who want to learn Arabic in Egypt.

I have been very happy about going here, it's very convenient with the metro from (Maadi) and when you arrive you are always met by a friendly face at the front desk.
I took one to one classes and was very satisfied to be able to decide what to do with my time. when I came the first time I started the next day, very effective!

At the school I felt very well. The staff was very kind especially Walaa was very friendly and helpful. she asked me several times if everything was okay and so I never felt alone, thanks a lot to Walaa and her staff. They do a good job.
I was also happy with my teachers Nour and hager. They were always very friendly and smiling I enjoyed the classes a lot.
We are only worked with the booh but did also several things like reading "Taxi", looking at videos, reading conversations and comment on facebook and we talked a lot that was very useful for me.

The school is a really nice place to be - everyone is very friendly and it's nice to be able to practiSe Arabic with different people. The garden is really nice for hanging out too!

I enjoyed my studies at Arabeya Language Institute very much. I learned a lot during the lessons and improved my language skills. My teacher always considered my questions and never hesitated to explain something another time. Not only the teachers, but also the rest of the stuff is very kind and helpful and I felt very comfortable and welcome at the Institute.

Teachers are very good because they about our and hear our opinion and what we want.
Thank you for your kindness

What a professional school! What a lovely family! Located in the heart of Cairo, Arabeya stands out for its customized teaching method. Each student is given particular attention, based on his/her level of arabic as well as prior studies and knowledge. The friendliness and hospitality of the the entire staff made my stay pleasant, enjoyable and fun! All this, while experiencing the timelessly wealthy age-old history and culture of Cairo and Egypt.

A friendly, flexible school
The Arabeya schools in Cairo are very popular - so I was lucky that they were able to fit me into their schedule at all, when I made a last-minute transfer from another Arabic language school. I studied fusha for one month.

Arabeya has the outspoken goal of trying to meet every student's individual needs and desires, which is a good start. One thing that the teachers could work more on, is insisting to give instructions, etc, in class - always first in Arabic, then in English. On the other hand, the lessons that I took were different than the ordinary language programs, since they were especially tailored to prepare for my Swedish university exams.
The atmosphere in the school is friendly, a bit crowded, happy!

We thoroughly enjoyed learning colloquial Arabic here at the Arabeya Institute. From the get-go, the teachers and staff alike were extremely friendly and made us feel welcome for the duration of our study. The class was engaging and exciting, with games and activities to stimulate the mind and directly apply what we were learning. We are now successfully able to proceed with daily dealings without having to play a game of charades with the shop owners and taxi drivers, making not only our stay here in Egypt much easier and more cultured, but one that is invaluable to us - one that we know we will continue to utilise back home.

he school is very well located, provides in good teachers and good facilities (always water, tea, coffee).
I expected to meet more students in the school that would have been nice. I heard that there was also another branch of the school. Maybe it is an idea for the future to organize a moment where the students of the schools can meet each other in order to group and go out with each other.
Overall I had a great time and I was very happy with Arabeya! I will definitely consider coming the next year.

I found the facilities to be clean and organized. I have greatly benefited from my time here. I appreciate their flexibility and willingness to work on an individual level.

It was a very good experience. The school was really nice especially the teachers It is a very friendly and family like atmosphere. I learned a lot for my studies and will recommend the program to other people who want to learn i a very good atmosphere and pace.

I have really enjoyed my time at the school, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to come here. i came without knowing any dialect, although I had studied some fusha at university before. Everyone here is so friendly, warm and welcoming. And the atmosphere at the school is great for learning. Everything we did in class was really practical and useful and I could go out and practice straight away, and the teachers were really helpful and patient. I really hope to come back soon and see everyone again.

I had a very good time studying both Classical and Colloquial Arabic at Arabeya. The school delivered what it had promised and the teachers I had were very positive and helpful.

Was a student at Arabeya Language School (Tahrir Square Location) in May 2011. From my first email interaction with Hameed to my final day of classes with Hasnaa and Amira everything was positive. All communications were prompt and accurate. Scheduling was extremely flexible- thank you Walaa. Classes were fun and I learned so much! I'll be back for more for sure.

I recommend to do the online classes by skype in egyptian dialect as it is an awesome experience to learn quickly the dialect. There is a lot of conversation and it is an easy way to learn new vocabulary quickly.
One hour per weke has allowed me to improve significantly

When I first arrived I wasn't used to speak in arabic I was quite prepared in grammar but not in practical issues , Now I can talk with people in the street and I understand much more of media like radio and tv.

Teachers are very kind and patient. They know how to work despite their young age. They are all prepared.

Even if Tahrir branch doesn't have a lot of students like Mohandseen branch the feeling I had coming here was always the best.

I am very satisfied with thus experience.

Shool is very friendly and I very enjoyed spending time here. Its not only place for developing arabic, but also nice place for conversations and fun. I very liked the fact, that all workers here are women, what makes you feel like home. Level of education is high and is adequate for individual needs of every student.

I have studied at several language centers but I have never been as satisfied with any school as I have been at Al Arabeya - the teachers and staff is very professional, competent, well-focused and at the same time extremely friendly. I really felt that my teacher could tell what I needed to focus on, did not waste any time, had good pedagogical techniques and created an encouraging learning atmosphere.

I've been to three different language institutes in Egypt and this is the best, I've tried. The teachers were excellent, the school is very professionally run and on top of that there is a very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!

It is a grate place to learn arabic language. All the teachers and staff are always open to help you with everything. Don't be afraid to come by your self here, because they will treat you like a family.

This is the third time that I have come to this school to revise and improve my arabic. As always it has been a great experience within a friendly environment. I hope to be back soon quickly...

The school is a nice place to study Arabic. The accomodation is close to the school and both the accommodation and the school are quite close to downtown, Zamalek and Islamic Cairo. The teachers try to design the classes according to the student's request and if the student wants to change something it is possible to make changes. Teachers and personnel are always very friendly and you feel very welcome.

This school is perfect!!

The school itself is very good. I was very happy with its flexibility when rearranging my class hours. It is also very nice environment to work in. I would be happy to study here again.

I had been planning to study Arabic in Syria, but due to political strike there I had to change my plans at the last minute.

Accordingly, I arrived in Cairo with no knowledge of the language classes available. Quite by accident I came across the Arabic school what a find! From the moment I walked in, I was warmly welcomed unlike some of the other schools and institutions (eg AUC), which seemed impersonal. The staff is courteous and friendly, and did an excellent job of finding lesson time to suit me.

I decided to try "العامية", thinking that I probably would not stay in Cairo for more than a week or two- never expecting such a wonderful programmed. After my first lesson, I resolved t spend the full two months of my holiday here in Cairo, and have nor regretted thing for one moment, despite the chaos and hear of thing huge city.

I really like the school. All teachers I have had were awesome and i
loved them all for their humour. It does not take long to feel very
comfortaلاle and welcome here. Everyلاody is friendly and polite
all the time, especially the women who are usually in the kitchen seem
to have a lot of fun with the students and i am pretty sure that no
one could ever not like them. Also the receptionists are very helpful
and kind. You have well educated staff and it is a لاig advantage
for every student to have a لاeautiful garden like yours to change
some thoughts with other students and as well to chat with the
teachers. Even though the school is very expensive (I hope your
teachers get at least well paid!), I guess it was worth it. I improved
my araلاic a lot.

Arabeya gave me the foundation on which to improve my Arabic skills in the future. There teachers are respectful and more than willing to help you. I'd recommend the school to anyone who wants to learn Arabic or improve there Arabic skills.

I was extremly positively surprised about the school!

I learned many languages (6) abroad in different schools and Arabeya was one of the best !

The quality of the lessons and the teachers , the on time schedule, the willingness to solve any troubles and any critic in a very short time. That is what makes the difference!

All my special needs for Arabic at the Airport where taken in consideration. Extra special material prepared!

I cannot even remember that anything ever went wrong! A real wonder!

I hope I can came back soon

I'm really satisfied for the school and the teaching. My Arabic level improved a lot and I also became more motivated to study more. Because of the small group size the lectures were really intensive and effective. Thank you Arabeya and my teacher Rania for such an amazing experience.

I've attended several schools in Cairo, but Arabeya is the best, I've been to. All the teachers I had were very good at tailoring a program that suited my needs perfectly. Very good at teaching Media Arabic which is very useful for journalists.

I came to Cairo with two very specific language goals in MSA and ECA and 3 years prior experience with the language. Most language institutes specialize in teaching beginning learners so finding one that can determine your prior level and work with you to improve it in ways that help you meet a specific goal is fairly difficult in my experience. However, through one-on-one classes with Hasnaa I was able to meet my goals in a relatively short time thanks to the great job she did working with me to find my exact weaknesses in both MSA and ECA and address them in appropriate ways. The totally personalized lesson plan and real study materials she created for me (not just stock handouts) made for an all around exceptional learning experience. Perhaps you could say as much for other tutors around the world, but I've studied at other language schools in Cairo and the greater Middle East and I have yet to find a place with the same educational value per hour that you receive at Arabeya.

Arabeya is a very good course. Teachers are knowledgeable and very helpful. I recommend everyone. Arabey serves also online courses which is very helpful for the people that cannot come to the Tahrir or people that live outside Egypt.

When i came Egypt ,I didn't decide any thing .It means school and house .
but this school supported me these all things.
and all teacher teached me kindly, i felt comfortable here.
thank you!

This was a very well structured course which was very flexible to my timings and days. I would highly recommend Arabeya as everyone is very polite and helpful and can help at whatever level Aravic you are on.

I studied for three weeks in this school and I had a really great time. I studied both ammeya and fusha. The teachers are really good at teaching and they give your time to learn without pressure. They are really nice and you can talk with them about everything. Everyone in the school is very nice and it's a really good place where you can study arabic if you have never studied it before or if you want just to improve your knowledge of this language. I recommend this school to everyone!

It was a great experience and learned many things. The school is well located and stuff is very friendly. The structures of the course are well setup and many subjects are teached .

I have profited a lot from Arabeya online lessons and I warmely recommend them. An Arabeyya online course is the perfect choice to start, mantain or brush up your Arabic if you have little time and cannot travel to an Arab country. Being a university professor myself I know something about teaching and learning and I am enthusiastic about the competence, flexibility and friendliness of Arabeyya teachers and staff.

A short course worthwhile

I spent around 1 month and a half studying at Arabeya but wish I would have been able to stay longer. The flexible system allows for tailored schedules according to the wishes and needs of the students. The teachers seem experienced and mine was able not only to teach me the basics of ECA but also introduce me to the Egyptian culture. I will do my best to return to Arabeya in the future and I recommend the school to anyone who is interested in learning ECA.

We spent a great time here in school. The teachers are very helpful and nice. We want to come back as soon as it is possible.

my opinion
I have been studying at the school in Cairo for a year, and I would have to say it has been a positive influence on my Arabic fluency to say the least.
I came here only knowing Modern Standard Arabic, and even then my comprehension of it was average at best. Now however I would say that I am very comfortable in both written and spoken Arabic, whether in Modern Standard or in Egyptian colloquial.

The one thing which I think stands out about the school is the class structure. Most students have classes one-on-one in a semi-formal atmosphere, which means you get to learn how people speak normally to each other, rather than learning to speak some really stilted artificial version of how people really speak. You also gain a real insight into Egyptian life and culture as a result.
It is too difficult to jot down just how beneficial my time here has been here, but I can safely say that I have no regrets and would definitely recommend the school to those who are looking for a language school in Cairo

The school is wonderful. Everybody is very friendly and good.

my opinion sobre Arabeya
En Arabeya podras aprender arabe de forma divertida y agradable con precios razonables y con profesores jovenes muy amables y simpaticos. Si cojes un paquete de bastantes horas te sale muy barata la hora y es divertido aprender con ellos.

I was glad to be here. I can recommend this school to others who want to learn Arabic language.

very professionaly run with very good teachers who are very god at tailoring individual courses to each student`s needs. have tried two other schools in Cairo.and this is definitely the best

Subject: I had one of the greatest experience studying at Arabeya School.First of all, the staff from the institute was really concerned about my stay here and if everything is alright with the accomodation. If I needed anything I just had to speak with the secretary and she would help me immediately.The teacher here are amazing.They are very professional and organized and they make you take your work seriously.What I loved the most was that they took my suggestions in consideration concerning the classes and they understood what I needed to learn.They also make the classes really interesting and work with you in order to improve all the skills you need in arabic.The amount of work is a lot, but if you are really dedicated, you can improve you arabic a lot by following their programs.I personally hope that I will be able to come back and benefit from the courses that the school offers.

We loved our time here, it didnt feel like having to go to school but spending time with good friends. The school is more like a small family including teachers and students, so a great atmosphere to study and spend time in Egypt.

You suported me well.

Arabeya is a great school with good and flexible teachers who adjust to the needs of the students.

My time at Arabeyya was really helpful and enjoyable. Everyone at the school is really helpful and happy to fit lessons around your schedule, or help with anything else you need. The teachers are very professional and are always willing to tailor lessons to your own needs and preferences. They will always ask your opinion on ways the lessons can be improved. The school is also great value for money too!

I highly recommend this program for anyone interest in learning Arabic. The setting is immersive and the teachers are passionate. Most of the classes are either one on one for with just one or two other students, so you get personalized attention. The housing is also great so for anyone looking to live in Egypt while studying to get a real feel for the culture, this program is the way to go.

From knowing absolutely nothing of the language, after a few lessons I had learnt the alphabet and was able to make conversation. The high level of energy and patience of my teacher provided a very supportive learning environment and I would recommend the school to anyone!

The school was recommended by one of my friends and I must say it was a good recommendation. It allowed me to learn more about language and the culture. All the material I was given is usable in the future if I want to work by myself when I go back home and this is very useful. The structure is very organized and welcoming. It easily adapts to our needs. I have a very professional attitude in general.

I can recommend Arabeya Assosiation to any student the school is very professional and well-run. The staff is helpful and friendly installation modern convenient and the teachers excellent .

Thanks to all of you at Arabeya . I had a fantastic time.

4 week course
I attended a 4 week course and it was very good. The first two weeks were a 1 on 1 course which was very nice because we were able to work on specific areas such reading comprehension and vocabulary (both of which are my weak points). I've spent the last two weeks with another student and I especially enjoyed the conversations and working with media such as songs,poems and even short films.
The language institute is just a short walk away from the appartment. The area is very friendly not far away from the center. Overall I was very pleased with my stay.

I strongly recommend this school. It\s inexepensive, flexible, has good teachers and is well located. It's my forth visit to the school and I\ll definetly come back again.


For me was not the first time in an Arabic country but I am sure I will remember the time I spent here in the school, in particular all the people. This school has very good teachers, very prepared and it was a very helpful experience for me.

I liked the place a lot. The people were very nice and the teachers very good. I had a lot of fun here, and they did what they could to make my schedule suitable for me.

I am very happy that i chose to attend Arabeya school. With regard to Arabic, I can honestly say that I feel more confident now when I use this language. The courses really helped me to improve my skills. The atmosphere inside the school is very welcoming and the staff is very friendly which gave me a lot of energy and made me to enjoy coming to school every morning. The Arabeya collective is very organised and that is what made me feel very comfortable. The fact that we could call Arabeya and discuss about every problem we had outside the school made me feel very comfortable and secure also.
Thank you very much, you do a great job here. This was a great experience for me.

I really loved our time here at arabeya school. The atmosphere is so great and all the teachers and the staff is amazingly friendly and so helpful.

I just studied in the Arabeya language school for one month, but I really appreciate the head of the school, Mr. Hamid, and all teachers, and stuffs. Though I did not have enough time to study, but Ms. Maryam managed my schedule kindly. Ms. Marwa explained the Arabic colloquial system systematically. So her explanation is so helpful for me to understand Anmiyyah. Ms. Ghada prepared for the study of reading with me in Fusha class. I asked her to read difficult classical texts including Hadith and Qur'an, but she explained it. I really thank their efforts and excellent explanation.

I loved my time in Arabeya
I have come to this school knowing nothing about life in Egypt...

Great School First of all it was an overall very positive experience.. I was in the smaller branch in downtown directly located at the tahrir sqare with an appartement 10 minutes by foot through the beautiful and revolutionwise important street of mohammed mahmoud. The best location you could think of! i immediately fell in love with the city. We had class in a group of two, starting from zero and both of the teachers were effective but most importantly very heartedly and open people. i learned a lot in only four weeks starting from nothing and could even speak a little bit with egyptians although i learned msa. Overall it was a perfect experience and I will come back in two weeks to recover my arabic again. thank you so much!

Great language school: nice teachers, good coffee

I studied here for a year and I'm satisfied with my studying. I studied Fusha and Ameya, they taught me very kindly and systematically so I became to like studying them. In this school there were some events like iftar party and so on. I could learn not only language but Egyptian cultures.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school, there is a very friendly environment and excellent atmosphere for learning Arabic outside as well as inside the class. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Arabic in a fun environment. Once you've come here once you will want to come again.

it was a great experience unfortunately only for 2 weeks but it was prepared to repeat it next year thank u for aya support & didn’t drop out at the first difficulty

I have truly enjoyed my time in Egypt mostly because of the great people I met . thanks to the school . I feel like my Arabic has improved thanks to my excellent teachers & the learning friendly atmosphere .I really enjoyed my lessons @ arabeya specially the small group & the school is very beautiful . thank u very much for the lovely stay @ your school and hope to come again

I have spent three months studying at the school and I only can say that I am very pleased with the teaching by all those excellent teachers ans the wonderful staff always willling to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The teachers I had a few, are very keen to help you in your endeavor and in adapting the material acording to your interest which makes for an enjoyable experience altogether.The school is in a quiet and nice location of Cairo and you might opt for the accommodation near by which is very convenient also. thank you very much to evryone. I leave happy with a good base to follow on studying. J ai passe trois mois dans cette ecole et je ne peux que feliciter le personnel qui est tres attentif a vos demandes et s'applique a rendre votre sejour tres agreable. Mais l enseignement est tres bon et les professeurs sont tres attentives aussi a vos demandes et vous guident dans votre apprentissage selon vos capacites, vos interest et vos besoins. Je quitte l'ecole confiant avec de tres bonnes bases quio me permettent de continuer a progresser dans mon apprentissage de la langue arabe. Vous pouvez egalement profiter du logement qui est tout proche de l ecole qui se trouve dans un quartier bien tranquille et calme du Caire.

Was cool to meet all people from the school ! Now I can (maybe) buy some bread and the seller could understand something. A new world is opening to me.

Arabeya School has a range of options for Arabic learners including individual or small group classes throughout the year at two convenient locations in Cairo. The teachers and administrators are all professional and speak English well. The school is very practical and flexible and offers both Modern Standard Arabic and the Egyptian dialect. ٍSometimes the school organizes cultural activities on weekends for students. It is a fun and relaxed environment in which to learn Arabic.

I am very satisfied with my short, but intense, time at the school. Everyone is really helpful and the teachers are very professional.

The school is the best. The teachers are the best and I can recommend this school for everyone who wants to improve arabic and spend great time in Egypt.

I loved studying at Arabeya Language school. The teachers are very professional and focus on the student's specific needs. I can really recommend it!

the services provided by the school are excellent. However the school should try to arrange for the students tours in Egypt, even if it is a certain fee. The school should also have books available for students to purchase, especially for Egyptian colloquial Arabic.

I feel that the school is brilliant and the manner in which teachers are selected is excellent. I would definitely refer to other people to come to this special school to learn Arabic. The atmosphere in the school is definitely welcoming and it allows students to remain eager in wanting to learn more.

I was very happy with the administration and with the facilities offered by the school. The teaching was absolutely great and I can say that attending this school has definitely helped me a lot. The staff working in the school is very nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this school.

Though I only had a chance to take a few classes, I enjoyed my experience at the school. The stuff is very professional and kind and is flexible with class scheduling. My teacher was very clear and very patient. I would recommend the school to others.

I had a wonderfull Time in Egypt and learned so much new things , the reason of that was the Wonderfull school of Arabeya. The Fact that the Stuff had very much time for me and cared a lot about me , made my educational stay much nicer. The Lessons are Flexibel and good.

I loved my experience here and will miss it. It was one of the best parts of my time learning Arabic in Cairo.

I had a great time at the school, and I felt very well looked after in all aspects, including accommodation. Everyone at the school was very friendly. The only thing to improve I think is more communication about class hours in advance, like how many hours we still have left, etc. But overall everything was great!

Very good school especially according to the prices. Good with focus on one-two-one classes, much appreciated.

I have spent a semester at Arabeya Association studying Islamic law. It has been very useful to me to study the legal sources, at the same time taking into consideration grammatical and lingual challenges. As I will be writing my masters on the subject, I have for sure got a head start. Arabeya is a great place to study and a nice place to be. The teachers are committed and positive, which is absolutely necessary when spending four months straight indulging in Arabic.I hope I will get the chance to return.

This is a friendly school, working hard to provide interesting and effective Arabic courses. I always enjoy coming back to continue this learning experience. Learning the language, I know more about the culture. Understanding the culture, I can better enjoying the company of the people. It`s a nice place to be !

I love how she teaches

These 3 weeks in Egypt were a good first experience of Arabic language. I could enjoy the Ramadan and learn the basics of Arabic grammar. Every teacher was really kind here. I hope to come back to Egypt inshallah

The scool i very good, I learnt a lot both Egyptian dialect and fusha. The lessons are very helpful and I appriciate their help.

I've never met such good people in my life. The environment is so lovely and their hospitality is amazing. The level of the knowledge that we gain is too high ...and generally all are perfect. So, Mr Hameed next time that i will come (inshallah), i want the same people to be here. My 2 teachers Tasnem, Marwa, // Mariam, Israa, Hasnaa, Hala (2), Magdy, Sarah. I love you all....

Very nice atmosphere and professional and friendly teachers. The school could try to do some more trips or activities with the students. Like the Christmas party.

It has been a fabulous time here, I am so pleased with the seriousness of the school and teachers, they are fully looking after you really learn and practice the language. By spending such a short time I have learned a lot of Arabic as well as about the culture. Really I would recommend you to come over and enjoy, it has been so enriching personally and professionally

I'm satisfied.

Vine a buscar un idioma y encontrè una cultura.Estoy completamente feliz de haber participado en estas actividades.
Mi desafio fue doble, aprender este idioma y comprenderlo desde la inmersion total del arabe. Tuve una maestra paciente, inteligente y creativa. Ryham, ayudo para que esto sea posible. Sin la ayuda de ella esto no hubiera sido posible. Agradezco las atenciones de todos, para nosotros los extranjeros, que estamos en este pais que luce tan misterioso y a la vez amable. En estos dias, ustedes me hicieron sentir, cuidada y contenida. Nunca me senti sola. Ustedes estan atento a nuestras necesidades . Lo positivo : Aprendi el arabe, desde el arabe... sin mezclas. Fui alumna en esta escuela, que tiene un trato personalizado. Eso es muy importante. Mis expectativas eran altas. .. y me voy satisfecha. Lo negativo: Nada. Agradezco a todo el personal de esta escuela, la calidez humana, la sencillez, y el respeto. Estarè a su disposicion, si algun dia deciden visitar Buenos Aires, o ... abrir una escuela por alli.
Muchas Gracias

الدوره كانت مفيده جدا خاصه لتعليم العاميه المصرية انا بأمل اني اتكلم بالعربي كويس بعد شويه ان شاء الله شكرا جزيلا

Stay was joyfully. Teachers are very professional and caring! Accommodation was modest but satisfying. Mr. Hamid attended us personally giving individual attention to each of the student requirements. We had especial meeting to instruct us about Ramadan traditions and behavior, which I found very helpful. I will defiantly return to study further Arabic in this wonderful school.